A really Roar-some Dinosaur Gift Guide

In eight days’ time, my baby boy turns two. Two! And the past year has flown by even more so than the first. In the past year, Baby Lighty’s personality has really started to develop. He’s definitely got his own interests now, and is very strong willed about the things he likes and dislikes (show me a toddler who isn’t!). He’s also got a really good imagination, and loves role-play type games. Among his favourite toys are his dinosaur figures. He loves to pretend that they’re walking, or eating from a little bowl, or even going down the slide of his toy garage! And then of course there’s the attacking Mummy with one of them, along with shouting out “Help! Help!” at the top of his voice before dissolving into giggles!

When we were approached by What 2 Buy 4 Kids to take a look at their dinosaur toys, we loved the range on offer. If you have a little dinosaur lover yourself, here are some of the toys on our really roar-some Dinosaur wishlist:

Dinosaur Train Set

Baby Lighty already loves his wooden train set, so I think he’d really love a train set where dinosaurs go round the track and through the tunnels! Tunnels are the best part, aren’t they?!

A really roar-some gift guide!

A dino train set!

Dinosaur Bath Buddies

Great for imaginative play in the bath, I love the fact that these dinosaurs are so brightly coloured. We’re working on colours with Baby Lighty at the moment, and bath time is a favourite time to practice. I can just imagine us going through the colours of each of the dinosaurs!

A really roar-some gift guide!

These bath buddies would be great for learning about colours!

Dragon Cuddle Buddy Night Light

Ok, not strictly a dinosaur but super cute and roar-some nonetheless! For little ones that don’t like to fall asleep in complete darkness, this projects soothing star patterns onto the walls. It also cleverly turns itself off after 45 minutes, once, hopefully, your little dinos are fast asleep!

A really roar-some gift guide!

How cute is this dragon night light?!

Dinosaur Push Along

Baby Lighty already has a Peter Rabbit version of this, so I know it’s something that he’d love. I can just imagine him careering around the house, roaring at anyone in his path! We found the Peter Rabbit one quite good as well when little ones are first learning to walk, as it motivates them to take a few steps whilst pushing it.


A really roar-some gift guide!

Baby Lighty loves his Peter Rabbit version of this!

Large Dino Happy Hopperz

If you know anything about Baby Lighty, you’ll know that he’s a complete and utter whirlwind. This dinosaur hopper would be perfect for him to bounce around on and burn off some energy. It’s also really cute!


A really roar-some gift guide!

Perfect for little dino lovers!

If you’re looking for some dinosaur themed second birthday gift ideas, do hop over to the What to Buy for Kids site. It’s full of quirky and unusual gift ideas, both dinosaur related and otherwise. I know Baby Lighty would love all of the above!


Disclaimer: please note, this post has been produced in collaboration with What to Buy for Kids. The above is a wishlist only and we have not tested any of the toys mentioned. What to Buy for Kids have kindly compensated us for writing this post.

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