Happy Little Buttons – December 2016

Happy 2017 one and all, and  in a somewhat belated round up, welcome to Happy Little Buttons December!

I hope you’ve all had fabulous Christmases and saw in the New Year in style. Can you believe we’re in 2017 already?!

I’m not sure about you, but I always find this time of year a bit bleak. Yes it’s a New Year, and there’s so much hope ahead, but when the Christmas lights have been packed away and you’ve eaten your own body weight in chocolate and mince pies, there doesn’t seem much to look forward to. When I thought about my December round up, therefore, I fully expected this month’s #HappyLittleButtons post to be full of Christmassy pics, but actually the ones that I’ve been drawn towards have all been outdoorsy, so perhaps it’s my subconscious calling for Spring already?!

Which is why I’ve chosen these two as my favourites from my Happy Little Buttons co-hosts, Annette from 3 Little Buttons and Dawn from Rhyming with Wine.

We loved the #magical walk through to Santa, and the Elfs we met were splendid. @willowsactivityfarm #happylittlebuttons

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I love the Christmas lights in Annette’s post here. I wish they could stay up all year round (and actually, in my conservatory, they do!).

From Dawn, I’ve picked this fun post from Hazelwood Castle. I love the sense of adventure and excitement in Dawn’s two Tots here as they wait for Christmas day!

My own #HappyLittleButtons post is not one that features Baby Lighty, or anyone for that matter, and although it was posted on Instagram on 2nd January, I’m including it because it was actually taken on 29th December, so *technically* still falls within the December round up. It’s this sunset post from our wonderful stay in Holland at the Hof Van Saksen resort. I do love a pretty sky, and I think this is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever managed to capture.

From within our wonderful community, I’ve picked four which have made me feel raring to get outdoors and explore, even if the weather’s cool and crisp.


 These four are:

This one from Juggling Skates. The grass is always greener – or the moat bluer! – on the other side, especially if you’re dreaming of being the tallest one day!

This one from Coffee and Bubbles. I love the sense of community here, singing carols on the green, lantern in hand. I have to admit though that it was a close call between this and one of Hattie’s other photos, purely because her little one’s expressions when he was less than a Happy Little Button made me laugh so much!!

A silly #earth #geocache moment ? The Robot is fast asleep and oblivious of our antics

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This one from Two Tiny Hands, just because I love a spot of sleepy babywearing!!

And finally this one by Sprog on the Tyne. How wonderful to be playing on the beach, wrapped up against the elements! It’d definitely something I’d love to do with Baby Lighty one day!

And that’s it for another month. I’d like to thank everyone that’s joined in the #HappyLittleButtons community so far. as we start 2017, we have over 3000 wonderful images linked from a whole range of bloggers. Annette from 3 Little Buttons, Dawn from Rhyming with Wine and I really do love all of your images and are so grateful for the support you’ve shown us. You’ve also given me a new lease of Instagram life, and I like to hope that I’m getting better at both the photography aspect of blogging and the promotional side of it! Hopefully I’ll learn more still in 2017, so here’s to many more Happy Little Buttons!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Little Buttons – December 2016”

  1. I love your outdoorsy theme – just perfect for a January read Mrs L! Thanks so much for featuring our Hazelwood Castle pic. It’s one of our favourite places to visit for a run around (and a nice cup of tea by the fire). Loving our little #happylittlebuttons party and can’t wait to see what it has in store for us in the new year! x

    1. Definitely think we’ll have to add Hazelwood Castle to our visits list if we’re ever up your way! And perhaps you’d join us for that cuppa and we could be #HappyLittleButtons together?! xxx

  2. Lovely photos, I love being outside even in winter, but I agree now that Christmas is done I want Spring to hurry up! Just finding my feet on Instagram but might have to join in! Via #Blogstravaganza

  3. I’m often drawn to the outdoorsy photo’s too, I think it must be a longing for spring! I love the picture from sprogonthetyne on the beach, the little ones look like they are having great fun! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, it would be great to see you again next week! X

    1. I know, isn’t it a fab capture?! I so want to take Baby Lighty on the beach in winter time now! Thanks so much for hosting #Blogstravaganza, hope your first week went well! xxx

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