“Don’t get Annoyed if you’ve put a Bunny on your Head!” and other ridiculous sentences I never thought I’d say!

It’s a funny business, this parenting malarkey, isn’t it? Quite literally both ‘funny haha’ and ‘funny peculiar’ at times. You find yourself doing and saying things that you never thought you’d have to do or say.

I love talking to Baby Lighty, I love hearing him ‘talk’ back, especially now that he’s starting to repeat sounds back to us, and even has a vocabulary consisting of “Daddy”, “doggy”, “teddy”, “Mummy” and “Hiya!” (and yes they were learnt in that order!). I’m still often baffled as to what he’s trying to say, it’s true, but sometimes I catch myself saying something which, well, simply didn’t feature in the old Mrs Lighty’s conversation repertoire, and I’m pretty sure that any parent reading this will agree that they’ve said some pretty odd sentences over the years!!

So, this blog has been a while in the making, while I gathered together a suitable amount of material, but I thought that the ridiculous things that Mrs Lighty finds herself saying on an almost daily basis were worth the wait.

Here are just a few sentences that I can safely say I never, ever, ever thought I’d say:

  • “Don’t get annoyed if you’ve put a bunny on your head!”
  • “Are you being eaten by your beanbag?!”
  • “I’m not sure how we’d get him out if there was a Grobag emergency??”
  • “Did you get a giraffe stuck in your ear?!”
  • “Where are your trousers?!”
  • “Don’t worry, the apples aren’t going to get you!”
  • “You are covered in wee.”
  • “Please don’t put your fish on my nose.”
  • “You don’t even like going in the play tunnel at baby group, I therefore wouldn’t advise you get in the washing machine.”
  • “Yes that’s right, that is a doggy in the window. I wonder how much him and his waggly tail cost?”
  • “Please don’t eat it sesame seed by sesame seed…!”
  • “That was just the sound of Mummy tripping over a police car.”

Baby Lighty and bunny (not on his head, on this occasion!).

  • “Well done Daddy, you caught the sick!”
  • “Don’t complain, I had to take it away from you as you were eating all the paper on it!”
  • “It’s like he’s dyed his eyebrows with enchiladas.”
  • “[Baby Lighty]’s ok, he was waving a plastic pizza around when I left him at the Childminder’s.”
  • “Please don’t rub the sick in Mummy’s hair!”
  • “Now, as it’s keeping him quiet, do I just let him suck on the hem of my dress?!”
  • “Please don’t use my tummy as a Jumperoo.”
  • “Oh it’s a lady beaver!”
  • “Wow! That’s clever! Piggy’s eaten a dumper truck!”
  • “Did you just put a strawberry  on my neck?!”
  • “Just chilling with Little Ted on your head are you?!”

Just chilling with Little Ted on his head!!

  • “Stop strangling me with my own jumper!”
  • “Don’t throw the policeman, you’ll upset him!”
  • “Why is the squirrel sitting in the Bumbo?!”
  • “Oh no! Hot dog head!”
  • “You’re sitting on a seagull!”
  • “Where’s the cow? I haven’t seen the cow for ages!”
  • “Why have you put that little man in the frying pan?!”
  • “Look! Makka Pakka is cleaning his rocks with his uff-puff!”
  • “He’s just thrown the tambourine out in a strop.”
  • “Was there any spinach in his trousers…?”
  • “I’m not sure you’ll be able to sit up with a giant dog under your bum…”
  • “Play gently with Dumper Truck! We don’t want to hurt him!”
  • “Don’t get your head stuck under the chair!!”
  • “That’s not walking, it’s falling with style!!”

And even though this one wasn’t directed at Baby Lighty, it has to be included just for the sheer randomness of it:

  • “We’ve bought him Whiplash with an extra Hulk head on the recommendation of the man in the Entertainer!”

Well, what more can I say?! Now that I’m a parent, I’m pretty sure that anything I do say will be so completely bizarre that it’ll make absolutely no sense anyway…!

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23 thoughts on ““Don’t get Annoyed if you’ve put a Bunny on your Head!” and other ridiculous sentences I never thought I’d say!”

  1. This is brilliant! I often pause at the end of a sentence and think “What in God’s name have I just said?” The spinach / trousers and the washing machine ones really made me chuckle! Fantastic post as always lovely. Much #bloglove to you! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Love this! I too have moments where I literally replay in my head what I just said out loud! My face must be a picture!!! Great fun reading this thank you! #coolmumclub

  3. Its amazing isn’t it. I love the mummy tripping over police car, i’m sure i had the same with a playmobil ambulance. Lovely you’ve kept notes of all those memories. Gorgeous photos of your littlie. Jo #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. Hehe these are all really great! I love how you have kept a record of what you have said. I think my fav is ‘don’t get your head stuck under a chair’ – for me that completely sums up being a parent πŸ˜› Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

  5. Just popping back with #FartGlitter to say that I love your post. It’s just as funny to read the second time around. πŸ™‚ Keep the funnies coming xx

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