Lighty’s Liebster

I’m so chuffed to have found out today that I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by fellow blogger Becky at And Then There Were Two. I’m especially pleased as I’ve really enjoyed reading her posts about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of parenting since I came across her blog a short while ago – and I couldn’t believe that she’s only been blogging for a few weeks! Her blog posts are funny, articulate and very relevant, so make sure you go take a look!

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The Liebster Award is awarded by fellow bloggers to other bloggers, to encourage the support of writers and to help others discover new, fantastic blogs and content.

When you are nominated you are required to explain the award and to nominate fellow bloggers whose content you enjoy reading and would like to share with others. So here are my two nominees:

Abi at Something About Baby, a fellow new mummy whose little boy was born within a few weeks of Baby Lighty; I’ve loved reading her pregnancy journey so far, especially her pregnancy reveal!

And Rhyming with Wine, who I’ve only just come across but have loved reading. Her poetry on life as a mummy to two tiny tots is fantastic, and I especially liked her ode to her one year old little boy.

I’m so touched that people are reading my little blog. I started it when I was a very anxious, very new mummy as a way to document my own memoirs and to see how far I’ve come as I learn to be a (hopefully good) parent, so it’s lovely when people say to me that they’ve enjoyed reading my posts, and even better when they tell me that they can identify with what I’ve written! I’d like to think that in years to come, Baby Lighty will want to read back over my blog as his own little diary of his early years, but probably by the time he really gets it, I’ll likely be far too embarrassing for him to want anything to do with me!!

So thank you to everyone for your support of the blog so far; I’m now passing the Liebster Award baton on and hope that you will all support my chosen nominees, too!

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  1. Ah thank you so much for the nomination. I will be very proud to pass on that baton. I loved your blog when I recently came across it and I look forward to keeping up with you and your adventures to come… Dx

    (Ps – I’m doing a happy dance now and everything! :0) )

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