Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: July 2017

I sometimes sit down to write my Liked and Loved posts and find that it’s a little difficult to find the words. It’s not that July has been a really tough month, but at times my brain doesn’t feel like it’s cooperating with the person I want to be. We’ve been a little bit less busy this July, and I feel like that’s a good thing, as something that I have not liked and loved of late is the fact that my migraines seem to be getting worse.

Nonetheless, I’ve tried my best not to let this stop me too much, and there have definitely been lots of positives still. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month:

Grown Up Outings

Part of the reason that I feel like I’ve been really busy of late is the fact that I’ve actually managed to squeeze in quite a few grown up outings. As well as a lovely meal and catch up with two of my closest friends, who I hadn’t seen for our regular dinner date for nearly A YEAR (!), and work drinks with my lovely colleagues, I also got to go to a very cool pirate themed party with my WI friends.

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: July 2017

My lovely WI friends, and some of our menfolk!

If you’ve ever been to a party where the hosts have built a whole pirate ship in their back garden, you’ll know what sort of scale this was on. Yep, you read that correctly. Our hosts built a whole pirate ship in their back garden! It was completely immense! If anyone has been around these parts for a while, you’ll know how much Mrs Lighty loves a party. And if the party has a theme, even better. Although I very much believe that if you do have a theme, you need to commit to the theme, and my friend definitely went above and beyond committing to the theme!!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: July 2017

Aaargh me hearties!

Party, Party and more Parties…

As well as the fabulous pirate party mentioned above, Baby Lighty has also had a fair few parties to go to, too. He had another of his little friend’s birthday parties recently, plus we went on to a friend of the family’s 60th birthday BBQ too. But this being the start of the summer holidays, we’ve also had a few little parties at his baby groups to say goodbye to them for the summer months. I have to say I felt quite emotional saying goodbye to the children that are going off to school in September, plus the lady that runs our Thursday baby group who is moving. Lord knows what I’ll be like when it’s Baby Lighty’s turn to go off to school!!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

Wearing the crown he made at one of our baby group summer parties on the way home in the sling…it’s bad enough that he’s getting too tall for a front carry, let alone when he’s wearing a crown!!

…And Bloggy Birthdays, too!

It feels a little bit mad, but this month All Things Spliced turned two. There have certainly been some highs and lows of blogging, but I’m so proud of myself that I’ve stuck at it. Two years on, I’ve created a little slice of the internet which is all mine, and which I’m really pleased I’ve kept the site going all this time, and that it’s grown to the heights that it has. It’s brought me some amazing opportunities, too. Never did I think two years ago that I’d be sat here today an award winning blogger, that’s for sure!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

Happy bloggy birthday, All Things Spliced!

Who’s in the Wiggle House? Oh yes, The Lightys!

Something Mrs Lighty Baby Lighty has been looking forward to for months is our trip to see The Wiggles! Yes that’s right, those multicoloured all-singing-all-dancing entertainers from Down Under have been on a UK tour, and we booked tickets months ago. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this forever, and I’ve definitely been more excited than Baby Lighty! The Wiggles didn’t disappoint either, and it was so lovely to see Baby Lighty’s face when he realised that he was actually in the same room as them.

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: July 2017

The Wiggles!

At one point, Lachy and Simon came into the audience. Lachy said hello to Baby Lighty, all he could say all afternoon was “Wiggle said hello me!”, alternated with “I want see Wiggles again!”. So I think all in all our first family trip to the future was a success!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: July 2017

Lachy made Baby Lighty’s day by saying hello to him when he came into the audience!

Beach Days

We have also been lucky enough to make our second visit to one of Millie’s Beach Huts this month, this time to the gorgeous Mickey and Minnie huts at Walton on the Naze.

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

The gorgeous view from Mickey!

I think we managed to pick the one day where it didn’t rain, which allowed us plenty of play on the beach and time to soak up the sun on the deck of our huts. Our friends joined us and it was lovely to see Baby Lighty and Baby Cookie playing so nicely together. I think we had an even nicer day than our previous visit to Abbie at Felixstowe, and I didn’t actually think that was possible! Look out for the full review coming to the blog shortly!

So that’s it for July. Another busy month, and I know that August will be similar! See you all here, same place, same time, next month!

Disclaimer: Please note, we were invited as guests to Millie’s Beach Huts in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here and in my review post are my own.

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