#DreamTeam Linky 35

So this is Christmas…and what have you done? Well you’ve only gone and popped over to us at #DreamTeam, that’s what! Hurrah!! Good choice!

Ok so there aren’t many of us hardcore linky hosts (or guest cohosts in my case!) that are running linkys over Christmas, but Annette from 3 Little Buttons and Bridget from Bridie by the Sea do nothing by halves, and together with Dawn from Rhyming with Wine and I, we all can’t wait to read all about your Christmases!

And now the big day itself is over, and we’re floating in that Twixmas period between Christmas and New Year. I hope everyone has had a fabulous time over the past two days? I’m sure that you all have, possibly despite overtired, over excited children and wrapping that has been played with more than expensive gift that it contained! I have to admit that I have written this and am scheduling it, as I have promised myself a little bit of a break over the Christmas period, so whilst I’m going to be reading and will be around on social media, I’m going to try not to actively blog. So therefore I can’t tell you how our second Christmas as a family of three went, but I can tell you about the run up to it and all of the things I’ve looked forward to, as I’m linking my Second Christmases post up as my linked post this week.

#DreamTeam Linky 35

Baby Lighty feeding the reindeer with his lovely Childminder last week.

We had a really good range of bloggers join us again last week, and that has of course made choosing featured posts difficult for this Christmas week. However, I’ve firstly narrowed it down to one by Abi at Something About Baby. I do feel slightly biased in choosing this post, as Abi and I are friends not only on our baby Facebook group, but also in ‘real life’. However, because of this, she has known my struggle with breastfeeding, and has never judged me for not feeding for longer, just as I don’t think she’d judge anyone for formula feeding, which is why her post Not Another Breastfeeding Debate – Tree of Life is a refreshing read for both breastfeeders and formula feeders alike.

My second choice this week is The STUPID English Language…oh how I love you! by Media Mummy. As a German graduate myself, I love all of the English languages irregularities and I’m really loving seeing Baby Lighty’s speech, language and understanding develop. The whole post and the fun way it was written really made me smile!

So go grab yourselves featured blogger badges if you fancy them, ladies!

3 Little Buttons

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    1. Thank you for linking up! I’ve really enjoyed it, and hope to be back soon as holiday cover. Happy New Year to you! 🙂

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