Happy Little Buttons – June 2017

Halfway through the year, and it’s Happy Little Buttons time again. Where has the month gone?! Well I know that, for us, a big portion of June has been taken up with Baby Lighty’s birthday celebrations. And so what better theme to go with for this month’s Happy Little Buttons’ round up therefore?!

And I know that my fabulous cohosts, Dawn from Rhyming with Wine, and Annette from 3 Little Buttons, have had a lot to celebrate this month, with holidays and house moves galore! What Happy Little Buttons we’ve all been, it seems!

Celebrate Good Times…

Happy Little Buttons - June 2017

Top left: @mrslighty1504 || Top right: @rhymingwithwine || Bottom left: @3littlebuttonsblog

It seems like our lovely linkers have had a lot to celebrate too! We’ve had plenty of holidays, days out, and general merriment in the sunshine. There have been beach visits and woodland walks and fun in the garden galore. Ultimately I’ve gone with this little mixture, just because I love how pretty the happys are. We’ve got two weddings, Eid and a birthday. It sounds like a movie title, ha!!

Happy Little Buttons - June 2017

Top left: @winnettes || Top right: @themummystylist || Bottom left: @rachelann_bee || Bottom right: @surrey_mama

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Happy July Buttoners, we’ll look forward to seeing you next month!

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