Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: June 2017

June will always, always be a special month for the Lightys. At the start of the month, it’s Baby Lighty’s birthday, and this often means that we have plenty of celebrations for him, as well as plenty of parties to attend for his little friends. This year has been no exception, and we’re now at the end of what has been a lovely lovely month. It does make it easy to write my liked and loved in a month like this!

Having said this, we did start the month again with yet more tragic news coming from London. I did start the month feeling quite scared, I must admit. But coming towards the end of the month now, I feel like there is more to have liked and loved this month than to be worried over.

So without further ado, here is my June Liked and Loved:

Happy Second Birthday, Baby Lighty!

Of course, this month’s biggest thing to have liked and loved has been Baby Lighty’s second birthday. We had a few different days of celebration, starting with the traditional birthday cake and round of singing at our Monday baby group. We also had a day out at soft play, and obviously, this being the Lightys, we also had to throw a party!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

Throwing some birthday moves!

We were lucky enough to have had a wonderful few days of celebrations, although I still can’t quite believe that my baby is two!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

Birthday cake time!

Grown Up Outings…

Mrs Lighty has also been lucky enough to have had a few grown up outings this month! I know, get me, Mrs Lighty out, out! Well, ok, maybe not out, out, but as out, out as can be when you’re a Mum I guess! The month started off with a BBQ with Baby Lighty’s Godparents. Baby Lighty came with us, but it was still lovely to see his Godparents and spend a sunny afternoon drinking prosecco and watching the children play. Baby Lighty was smitten with his little friend’s guinea pigs!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

Guinea Pig love!

I also made a trip into London for an evening of cocktails and chatter with two of my girlfriends that I used to work with, and we also had our Brentwood Belles WI Essex centenary party this month, which meant plenty of fizz and cake!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

A holiday themed WI centenary party!

…And Plenty of Little People’s Outings!

Before your children hit school age, their little social lives mainly centre around the birthday parties of their baby group friends. And of course, this means that you get a whole slew of birthday parties in the space of a few weeks. I know many parents dread children’s birthday parties, but I actually don’t mind them. We’ve had lots of fun at his little friends’ parties this month, which have included a woodland walk and a Moana themed party!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

Hunting down the Gruffalo and friends!

A Family Weekend Away

Something we’ve really been looking forward to this month was a family weekend away. And it didn’t disappoint! We went to stay with my Auntie and Uncle Tempy in Surrey for the weekend. We were there to celebrate my Uncle Tempy’s 70th birthday party. The theme for the weekend was ‘gin and ice cream’ and we certainly indulged! Plenty of good food, good wine, lots and lots of ice cream for Baby Lighty and country walks. All this combined with family time. What more could we ask for?!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

Ice cream…

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

…and gin!! (But not for Baby Lighty!!)

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: June 2017

See you in July!!

This month has completely flown by, and I feel a little downhearted that certain events that we’ve looked forward to for ages are now over. However, I’m sure there will be plenty more goodness in July. One thing’s for certain, I’ll be back here next month to report more!

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