Happy Little Buttons – November 2016

Hello, hello, hello Buttoners! Welcome back to Happy Little Buttons, November’s edition already! We’re now on that slippery slope down to Christmas, eh?!

Well before we get there, there are November’s Happy Little Buttons posts to consider. Yet again, Annette from 3 Little Buttons, Dawn from Rhyming with Wine and I have been so pleased with the turn out and the range of posts as we head towards the 2000 posts tagged with #HappyLittleButtons mark. It’s lovely to see all of the fun and adventures you guys get up to each month, and you all capture your happys so well!!

November has also been the month where we’ve seen Annette’s 3 Little Buttons turn one! Happy bloggy birthday Annette, I hope there has been lots of cake to add to the heaps of virtual cake that Dawn and I sent over!!

It's our blog birthday! No idea where the time has gone, but 3 Little Buttons is now 1. Hip hip hooray and cake all round. #happylittlebuttons

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As the nights draw in and the weather is less friendly, I’ve found that Baby Lighty and I are doing more playing and less of the likes of park visits and walks. It’s lovely to see his little personality and imagination develop, and we’re having lots of fun together!

Which is why my chosen theme for this month’s #HappyLittleButtons’ featured posts is “indoor fun”. So without further ado:

Happy Little Buttons November: The Co-hosts

From Annette this month, I’ve chosen this gorgeous post of a chocolate faced Little Button:

Chocolate face!

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I’ve come to realise that both Annette and Dawn seem to be quite the bakers, I’m sorry that I don’t also meet this criteria as part of our #HappyLittleButtons trio!! But I do love seeing the cakes that Annette bakes, and I love the fun on Little Button’s face in this snapshot.

From Dawn I’ve picked this hilarious photo of Mstr Tot:


What can I say?! I’ve mostly picked it because it’s totally something that I can see Baby Lighty doing as he gets older!!

From myself this month, I’ve chosen this one:

I don't normally post too many photos of Baby Lighty on social media, especially now that he's getting older (which is completely daft, as there are still photos on my blog), but every time I come across this one in my camera roll it makes me laugh!! This is @somethingaboutbaby's Alfie sitting sensibly and Baby Lighty looking extremely cheeky!! I can tell you that when two bloggers get together, there is a LOT of talking being done, but at least our boys have a playmate in each other to keep them company while Abi and I put the world to rights!! #babies #babiesofinstagram #toddlers #toddlersofinstagram #happylittlebuttons #myhappycapture #mydarlingmemory #rememberingthesedays #littlefierceones #candidchildhood #pinklinker #coolmumclub #worldoflittles #childofig #developinglife #capturemypositive #ukparentbloggers #mbloggers #pbloggers #BabyLighty #AllThingsSpliced #bloggersbabies

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I’ve started to slow down the amount of photos I post of Baby Lighty on my blog’s social media (which is slightly daft, considering there are plenty of photos already on All Things Spliced!), but I couldn’t resist posting this one as every time I came across it on my camera roll it made me laugh!! This is Baby Lighty looking extremely cheeky, whilst Alfie of Something About Baby fame looks like he’s wondering why his Mum is making him play with this crazy child!! Abi and I enjoyed putting the world to rights that morning whilst our two boys enjoyed lots of rampaging around indoor fun!!

Happy Little Buttons November: The Community

From our happy little community, I’ve picked these four gorgeous photos:

They are:



This one, from Mrs KPM. It’s a moment of calm in an otherwise hectic world, especially as we are in the run up to Christmas now. I just love the cosy feel of this lazy Sunday moment!


This one, from Mudpie Fridays. Isn’t this reindeer outfit just the cutest?!


This one, from Five Little Doves. I must admit, I’m slightly biased in that Laura is fast becoming one of my favourite Instagrammers, but I think her girls are just adorable in this one! All that fun they must have playing together!


And finally, this one, from Pink Pear Bear. Again, one of my much loved Instagram favourites, I love the concentration on her little boy’s face as he peels the apple. Little ones love their fun coming from being grown up like Mummy and Daddy, don’t they?!

So that’s Happy Little Buttons November. December will whizz by, I’m sure, but stay tuned to #HappyLittleButtons, as we may just have some festive posts up our sleeves!

Happy advent all, can’t wait to see all of your Christmas happys!

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