Lighty’s List: The Christmas Edition

Each and every year there are a million and one things on my Christmas list that I want to do during the festive season but don’t seem to get round to. This year, Baby Lighty will be 18 months when Christmas rolls around, and I can’t wait to see all of the wonder in his little eyes.

I have to admit, however, that I haven’t actually planned too much of anything Christmassy so far, and it wasn’t until I read this post by Sophie, Ella and Me that I started to think a little bit more about the fun things that I want to do with Baby Lighty.

So this is Mrs Lighty getting her arse bum in gear and categorically putting it out there as to what I’d like to get round to doing this Christmas; a kind of Christmas bucket list, as it were, Lighty-style.

Cute Christmas Baby Lighty

Including this photo just because, well, cuteness!!

Perhaps if I ask Father Christmas very nicely, some of these events will happen?

Lighty’s List: The Christmas Edition

1. Visit a Santa’s Grotto.

2. Try our hand at some Christmas crafts.

3. Make a Christmas sensory bin.

4. Take a Christmas Card photo.

5. Attempt a successful Christmas shopping trip (note to self: remember what happened last year? No?! Read this previous post then!).

6. Wear ALL the Christmas jumpers (Baby Lighty has at least 8 Christmas outfits).

Baby's Christmas jumpers

Just a small selection of Baby Lighty’s Christmas outfits…

7. Attend our local Christmas lights switch on.

8. Read Christmassy bedtime stories together in the run up to Christmas.

9. See our local charity Father Christmas collection around town; Father Christmas drives round the streets on a float collecting donations for the Royal British Legion – ever since Brother Hatchy and I were children, it’s a highlight of Mrs Lighty’s festive season, to the extent that I once left Mr Lighty stranded in the loft looking for decorations because I heard Father Christmas’ music playing two streets away and ran out of the house to see him!

10. Attend our local village Carol service.

11. Attend the Christmas crafts session at our local baby group.

12. Attend our baby groups’ Christmas parties.

13. Arrange a babies’ Christmas party with friends.

14. Arrange an adults Christmas lunch with friends!

15. Visit a Christmas market.

16. Visit a Christmas garden centre!

Christmas lights in Vienna.

Christmas lights!

17. Take a walk or a drive to see some of the local Christmas lights.

18. Start making some mischief with our Elf, ready for years to come when Baby Lighty understands the concept!

19. Enjoy the contents of our Christmas Eve box.

20. Enjoy our Christmas Eve tradition of The Muppets Christmas Carol and an Indian takeaway (yes really!!).

In years to come, I hope that I’ll be able to edit this list to spread some Christmas cheer: I’d like to include things such as donating old toys to charity, make biscuits for neighbours (they’ll probably be inedible knowing Mrs Lighty’s cooking, but still!!) and buy gifts for giving trees, as well as small everyday acts of kindness (hopefully with the help of the Elf!) and more complex fun activities such as making a gingerbread house. For now these will have to wait until Baby Lighty has more understanding (and fine motor skills!!), but I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

I’d love to hear what’s jingling your bells this Christmas and what has made your advent activity list?

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6 thoughts on “Lighty’s List: The Christmas Edition”

    1. Ooh hope you’re going to publish yours?? I feel like my list is a little on the rubbish side, but also practical as there’s a lot that we can’t really do until they’re a bit bigger?! But we’ve got to start somewhere, hey?? xxx

  1. Muppets Christmas carol on Xmas eve sounds perfect to me. I love Christmas. My youngest will be 14months this Christmas and I can’t wait for those sparkle moments of amazement. Last year it was the kitten that wrecked the tree and broke the baubles this year I suspect it will be a crawling baby #dreamteam

    1. Haha, I’m so paranoid about Baby Lighty around the tree!! Definitely not putting anything fragile on there this year!! ? Thank you for taking the time to read my post 🙂 #DreamTeam

  2. We are all about the Christmas Garden Centres in the Rhyming household! We start in October and rarely a week goes by without us stalking one or two (Yes – we are that bad. They serve cake you know!) I believe that we have a pair of elves ready to move in next week so I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what yours has been up to! 😉 xx #DreamTeam

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