DIY… or DI Don’t!

I’m sure that you may be wondering what this little departure from my normal baby related posts is all about. A post about DIY, tools and home renovations isn’t my normal thing! But it has been a major part of married life – or All Things Spliced – for Mr and Mrs Lighty, and this post is all about supporting a fellow blogger.

Since Annette from 3 Little Buttons, Dawn from Rhyming with Wine and I started our Instagram community, Happy Little Buttons, we have – I like to think – become firm virtual friends. We’re always talking about this and that on our group chat, and it’s not always about blogging, either!

If you follow Annette’s blog, you may be aware of the problems they’ve recently had with their windows. It looks like there might now be some light at the end of the tunnel (or at least, some light on the other side of the window) but when she messaged Dawn and I recently to ask if Dawn had any joke renovation poems in case it all went wrong again, after Dawn said that she didn’t really have any experience with home refurbs, I thought I’d rise to the challenge. After all, Mr and Mrs Lighty are experts on the home renovation front, having gutted and refurbished their current home 4 and a bit years ago, right?! And if I tell you that Brother Hatchy came up with the working title of “Oh crumbs, I hit my thumb!”, you’ll probably figure out the answer to the above question!

Well, those renovations went a bit like this…

DIY… or DI Don’t!

Look round the room,
And what do you see?
A DIY project that’s
Waiting for me!

Let’s start out right,
Let’s get things straight,
Oh another builder’s brew?
The project can wait!

But now – really –
Let’s make a start,
Let’s turn this house
Into a work of art!

Pick up that paintbrush,
Strip down that wall,
Oh that hasn’t gone quite right…
But it looks kinda cool?!

Pick up that hammer,
Only a small dent,
Oops, never mind…
Let’s pretend that’s what we meant!

A spot of home rennovations!


Should you really have
Knocked out that plaster?!
Quick, stop that leak!
This is becoming a disaster!

Oh right! This is why
We don’t go to the likes of B&Q:
It’s a sure fire way
To make us argue!

Now I remember why
I never fixed a picture hook!
Let alone try to give
My whole house a new look!

The house is covered in dust,
Paint and plenty of muck!
What’s that? You’ve just nailed a pipe?!

Perhaps we should leave it
To the trade?!
Perhaps they can sort out
This mess that we’ve made?!

Mr Lighty and Daddy Hatchy looking rather proud of their DIY skills!

Mr Lighty and Daddy Hatchy looking rather proud of their DIY skills!

Calm down, calm down
Don’t add panic to the mix…
There’s nothing that time
And money can’t fix!

We’ll soon have this house
Looking like new!
Well, we will once we’ve chosen
The perfect shade of blue…

Oh look, it’s done!
Well, once we’ve fixed that door…
We’ve done it, we’ve made our
Home sweet home once more!


Hoping that all goes well today Annette, and that I might just have put a little smile on your face!

Sending lots of virtual cake as always!

Mrs Lighty xxx

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8 thoughts on “DIY… or DI Don’t!”

  1. I love this so much! Sorry lovely – just spotted you on #coolmumclub and realised that I hadn’t actually commented! Duh! It’s such a perfect happy post for Annette to celebrate with now that she has had some good news at long last! *touches wood*. I am so useless at DIY that I wouldn’t have known where to start with a refurb based rhyme – other than perhaps something along the lines of “DIY: Don’t – It’s yakky!” 😉 xx

  2. Love the poem! I am a total nightmare with DIY so would be found jibbering in a corner somewhere after day 2! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

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