Happy Little Buttons – September 2016

Hello and welcome to the first of the Happy Little Button’s roundups! And what a first month it has been! We’ve had over 400 posts tagged with #HappyLittleButtons over on Instagram, and Annette from 3 Little Buttons, Dawn from Rhyming with Wine and I have absolutely loved seeing all of your happys flood in!

With this in mind, you can just imagine how difficult it has been to narrow it down to the featured posts in our first round up. So I decided I’d set myself a little theme each month. This month, in line with our Instagram community being all about the things that push our happy little buttons, I thought I’d start with smiles. Each month we’re going to choose one photo from each of our fellow co-hosts, and 4 from within the community. I just love the oh-so-genuine smiles that have been captured in the below shots.

My favourite post of Annette’s is this one:

She's so pleased with her #homegrown #tomatoes

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Just look at that lovely smile!

The post I’ve chosen from Dawn features a much smaller smile, but just look at Daddy Pig’s! Isn’t it just full of so much love?!

And so onto the posts from our lovely linkers. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by how  much love and support has been shown for the community so far, and this has made it incredibly difficult to narrow the photos down. So in the end I’ve chosen photos that I just love, as follows…

Helado! Ice lolly! The best way to cool down when it's 40° in Spain. #familytravel #hot

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I love this one from Topsy Turvy Tribe. The ice cream, the big smile, the colours. I love the way the colours of the chair almost look like wings against the colours of this gorgeous little boy’s top! It just captured my imagination!

This photo from Five Little Doves really made me laugh!! One gorgeous smile, one part-smile-part-grimace…you can just feel the fun!!

Fiona from Beauty, Baby and Me had been a great supporter of the community since we started it a month ago, which has been lovely as she’s a blogger that I hugely admire. I also admire the fact that she’s always so positive even in the face of adversity, and so thank you Fiona for sharing that positivity with the community!

Ok, so slightly biased with this one, as I know this little cutie in ‘real life’…but just look at that gorgeous smile!! Thanks Feeney Wife for sharing this shot of your gorgeous little boy!

Go on, show our featured photographers some love:





A huge thanks to everyone that’s taken part this month, as well as to my co-hosts Annette and Dawn. It has motivated me to carry on with All Things Spliced at a time when things could’ve gone the other way (more on that in an upcoming blog post). I’ve loved seeing all of your happys, and you’ve really helped me to see the positives from within the blogging community. Please keep tagging your happy posts with #HappyLittleButtons, and I’m hoping to be back with bigger and better things for the blog next month, so I’ll see you all then!

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