April Showers 

One of the joys of having a summer baby was the ability to be able to throw a spring baby shower. And exactly one year ago today, Mrs Lighty did just that.

Now I know it’s not traditional to plan or host your own shower, but as regular readers will know, if there’s one thing that Mrs Lighty loves, it’s planning a party. The Little Lighty’s baby shower was to be on a smaller scale than a full blown party, of course, but I hoped that I’d be able to inject some small touches of beauty into it to make it a memorable day for both myself and my guests.

My starting point was to design some invites. I know that nowadays most parties are confirmed by Facebook event pages, but Mrs Lighty is quite old fashioned in the sense that I believe that not only does a formal invite set the theme of the day up nicely right from the off, but that guests are more likely to RSVP to a proper paper invite than they are to a Facebook event. I came up with this umbrella design, with hearts raining down, setting up the theme of ‘April Showers’. The invites were just simple A5 cards that I designed on Microsoft Word and printed at home, finished off with my X-cut corner rounder.


The invites! I started my ‘April Showers’ theme off with an umbrella and raining hearts motif.


I printed the invites on yellow, green and blue card, and sent them in pink envelopes, so as to give a neutral feel, as we didn’t know if Baby Lighty was going to be a boy or a girl at this point.

In the weeks leading up to my shower, I poured over Pinterest, and gathered a board of images and ideas which represented how I wanted the day to look and feel. I spent hours making paper pom poms, and was a regular customer at our local charity shop, purchasing beautiful yet bargainous China tea sets as they appeared in the display window. I also begged and borrowed cups and saucers, teapots and cake stands from friends and family as I wanted to host a vintage afternoon tea (not at all because of Mrs Lighty’s love of [gluten free] cake!). Mother-in-Law Lighty’s best friend really came up trumps with her loan of some gorgeous cut glass cake stands!


Tissue paper pom-poms!

Nicola 11

Cupcakes on one of the vintage cake stands.


One of many of the vintage tea cups I sourced!

The 25th April 2015 finally dawned, but far from the gorgeous spring day that Mrs Lighty had in mind, which would have allowed for a little bit of a garden party, we were greeted with heart-sinking drizzle. I suppose I should have expected nothing less from an April Showers themed baby shower. Nevertheless, there was a party to throw, so Mr Lighty and I set about decorating our conservatory in an attempt to bring the outside in.

As well as the tissue paper pom poms, I’d also made pink, blue and floral umbrella-and-heart garlands and table confetti to match the theme of the invites, and remembering that the photo bunting I’d made almost exactly four years previously for Mr and Mrs Lighty’s wedding had been made using the same floral paper, I dug this out to be recycled for the day.


Tissue paper pom poms and umbrella-and-heart garlands in between the spindles of our staircase, greeting my guests as they stepped into the hallway.

Luckily I’d also saved within my collection of keepsakes from our wedding day one of the jam jars made by the super-talented Mandy at The Tinkergirl; we’d used the jam jars for the table flower centrepieces, and as I wanted a Spring feel to fit the April Showers theme, I filled this and a vintage biscuit tin with bright Spring blooms. I also mounted my 13 week and 20 week scan photos onto floral paper and framed them, as I hadn’t shared them on social media so most of my friends wouldn’t’ve seen them.


Tea cups, table confetti, the framed scan photos and Spring blooms in a vintage biscuit tin.

By way of a guest book, I’d bought a mini version of the game Jenga, and made a little sign to go with it asking my guests to sign a block for Baby Lighty to look back on in the future. I also wanted to give a little something back to my guests, as despite specifically asking them on the invites not to bring gifts, I was worried that some would, and I wanted just a little something to say thank you. To fit in with my Spring theme (and not at all because Mrs Lighty loves her garden!) I decided that my favours should be something which would bring a little natural beauty into the lives of my guests over the springtime, and so I bought packets of seeds and parcelled up a few bulbs per person and then tied them up with brown kraft paper and string, stamping on the front of each parcel ‘April Showers bring June flowers’ referring to Baby Lighty’s impending June arrival. It was a good excuse to use the stamping set that Mr Lighty had bought me the previous Christmas!!

nicola 2

My mini Jenga guest book!

Nicola 7

My seed and bulb favours. I displayed them in a cardboard box that I’d kept because it was shaped like a little suitcase. The instructions for the bulbs are printed on the cards at the back of the display.

While all of this setting up was going on, Mummy Hatch and Nanny Kersey were busy making the sandwiches for the baby shower tea. I’d bought lots of pretty napkins and doilies, so I wrapped the cutlery in these, and I also filled tiny teacups – which Mr Lighty had declared to be good-for-nothing when I bought them – with jelly beans. Of course there was also plenty of CAKE!


An afternoon tea fit for a Lighty’s baby shower! I’d bought various vintage style napkins and doilies to wrap the cutlery in and the tiny tea cups held jelly beans. The jam jar that the flowers are in on the tea table was saved from Mr and Mrs Lighty’s wedding day, and was made as part of the flower centrepieces by the lovely Mandy at The Tinkergirl

In true Mrs Lighty style, Mr Lighty and I were still dashing around like headless chickens as my guests started to arrive, so Mother-in-Law Lighty and her cake-stand bearing friend jumped to the rescue, making pots of tea and soft drinks, as Baby Lighty’s Godmother-to-be popped the Bucks Fizz, and then we were off! Cake was eaten, tea was drunk and my vintage tea sets were admired. Mrs Lighty’s good friend Mrs Fosty, who’d also been my chief bridesmaid, had kindly volunteered to organise some games for the day, and she did a fabulous job, as always. Among other games, we played baby bingo, pin the dummy on the baby, play dough baby modelling and of course guess the bump size with a piece of string; Mrs Fosty’s 5 year old daughter thought my bump was bigger than she was tall!! Thanks Little Fosty!!

Nicola 13

I absolutely love this photo of Baby Lighty’s Godmother-to-be laughing as she popped the Bucks Fizz cork as I think it sums up the fun of the day!


A very fat Mrs Lighty having her bump measured!!



Baby Lighty’s Godmother has a go at pinning the dummy on the baby!


The play dough babies – what masterpieces!!

After we’d stuffed our faces and played all manner of baby related games, it was time for some present opening, as despite my specific request on the invites not to bring gifts, I was most definitely ignored, and Baby Lighty was well and truly spoilt! We received some gorgeous and really thoughtful gifts, and just like I had thought for our 30th birthdays, I was left amazed at how well our friends know us.

Among the gifts were some lovely homemade pieces made by our incredibly talented friends, including a framed version of the Lighty Family made out of button people, which now has pride of place in our dining room, and a gorgeous crocheted blanket which Baby Lighty just adores.


Proudly displaying my button Lighty Family frame with its creator, Mrs Jacky.


I had admired the crocheted blankets that my friend Mrs Whithy had made for her twins prior to my baby shower, not knowing that Mrs Whithy was planning on making one for Baby Lighty, hurrah!

I think Mummy Hatchy stole the show on the present front though, gifting Baby Lighty the receiving blanket that Mrs Lighty had been brought home from the hospital in some 31 years previously, and the copy of Mog and the Baby which had been my favourite childhood book. These presents definitely made a very pregnant Mrs Lighty very emotional!!


With my 31 year old copy of Mog and the Baby and the receiving blanket that Mrs Lighty had been brought home from the hospital in on my lap, gifted to me by Mummy Hatchy.

As the sun had finally come out, there was just time for a photo or two with each of my guests before everyone left. It was such a special day, and Mrs Lighty was so honoured to share it with so many of my wonderful friends and family members. If there was one thing that I learnt from my April shower, it was that Baby Lighty was definitely going to be showered with love!

Nicola 19 - Copy

My lovely guests! Thanks for a wonderful day one and all – wish we could do it all again!

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  1. Ah I love this post! You put so much detail into planning the party, the invites are fab! I love that you have a corner-rounder!! Can’t believe this was a year ago, and now preparation is underway for Baby Lighty’s first birthday (I assume, knowing how organised you are!!)

    1. By organised I assume you mean “carried away with party planning”?! ? The corner-rounder came into being after I saw a post about a bride using one on her invites on YAYW all those years ago when we were engaged!! It does finish invites and the like off, I must admit. Thanks for taking the time to read my post 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh this is fab! I adore Pinterest for party ideas! And I keep seeing you pinning homemade gifts and now I realise you will totally be able to rock them! I love the invites – an x-corner cutter sounds like something I need in my life! Happy one year shower-versary! #passthesauce

    1. Haha!! My homemade gifts board is my most-followed board…I do love a gift basket!! ? And you definitely need a corner-rounder in your life…I don’t know how I lived without it before hand!! Thanks for reading my post 🙂 #passthesauce

  3. It was a fabulous party and the detail and thought you put into the decorations and games made such a huge difference! Everyone was thoroughly impressed by the amount you’d done given the impending bundle of joy that was on his way. It was every bit as beautiful and well organised as I’d expect from you ? Well done Nic! Xx

  4. Wow! I’m so amazed at what you created. Such a lovely party and such a gorgeous theme. It was so nice of you to give out bulbs too, what a sweet idea to have a sea of flowers in everyone’s gardens to make them think of your little one arriving. I’m envious of your stamping set too! Thanks for linking up with us! #bigpinklink

    1. Thank you for having me, as always! I do tend to get slightly carried away with my party planning I must admit…watch this space for Baby Lighty’s first birthday party plans!! #bigpinklink xxx

  5. Wow, this is amazing, the amount of effort you put into the details! Let like you have some lovely memories with friends and family. I particularly love the invites and the paper Pom poms, I made those for our wedding, so easy but so effective! #bigpinklink

    1. They are so easy but so effective! I keep seeing them to buy in the shops and wondering why anyone would buy them when they’re so easy to make?!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post 🙂 #bigpinklink

  6. What a gorgeous party! You really are very creative! Love the cards, the jenga blocks (what an original idea) and the seeds to take home. Love the whole package! Thanks for sharing with #PasstheSauce

    1. Thank you for having me on #PasstheSauce! My first time linking up but I’m sure it won’t be the last! And thank you re: the baby shower, I don’t do parties by halves, ha!! Xxx

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