Baby Lighty, Week by Week

Something which Mrs Lighty really regrets is not taking regular bump photos whilst pregnant. Yes, I’ve got the odd bump photo here and there, as you’ve probably seen crop up on All Things Spliced, but nothing which really shows the progression of my pregnancy.

So when Baby Lighty was born, something that I knew I wanted to do was take regular photos of him to see just how much he changed from newborn to first birthday. Ok, so every parent wants to do this, but I wanted something with a common theme (anyone that knows my love of a party will know my love of a theme!) and with a bit of cohesion to them (and anyone that knows my dislike of my Instagram page will know how much I need cohesion in my life!!). Many parents I know invested in the baby milestone cards, and a big part of me wishes that The Lightys had done this, but as we hadn’t, I started with my week by week photos – or rather, 4 weekly by 4 weekly photos – when Baby Lighty was 4 weeks old with the help of a furry friend. Baby Lighty had been gifted a toy giraffe when he was two weeks old, and the fact that it was so cute, and bigger than Baby Lighty when we got it, gave me the idea for the below.


There’s not much more that needs saying on this post, as the photos speak for themselves. One of my friends called Mrs Lighty ‘the most organised mum he knows’ in relation to these photos (I’ll take that!), but I actually think it’s more a touch of the OCDs. Once I start something, I become a bit perfectionist about it, and it needs to be done properly (and yes, 32 weeks does annoy me because it’s darker than the rest!!). I’m so glad I did persevere, however, and diligently take Baby Lighty’s giraffe photos, as they came to be known in our house. They definitely got harder to take, the more mobile he became, but I also think they’re soooo worth it!

All this does beg the question, however, do I carry on taking them?! And when do I stop?! I can see a strapping 18 year old lad posing with a cuddly giraffe at this rate…!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them. Please do let me know in the comments below if you think I should carry on!!

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8 thoughts on “Baby Lighty, Week by Week”

  1. I love these photos, and love that you used a teddy – I wish I’d thought of that!! I think my favourite one is 4o weeks – Baby L looks like he’s cheering. I love the header photo as well, he was so little!! Why don’t you do a photo every year on his birthday? I think it would be great to give him a collection of photos on his 18th or 21st of how he’s grown with his teddy!! Xx

    1. I’m sure I will take them periodically, just a case of working out how often! I probably should’ve said in the post, but using the teddy was inspired by a photo my mum has of me sitting in an arm chair when I was tiny with a toy pig! I think our giraffe photos have a similar look!! Xxx

  2. This is such a good idea, and because Baby Lighty is always with the same toy you can really clearly see the changes and how he is growing up. Nah, keep taking them with the giraffe until he gets to 18! Thanks for linking another post at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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