Here’s to you!

New Year’s Eve. Another year over, and a new one just begun, or so the song would tell us. I feel like this year has been hard. Lots of bad news, and a difficult year emotionally for me personally. And I feel like I’ve been one of the lucky ones, many of my family and friends have had it so much worse than me! But here’s to a New Year. Here’s to a new start. Here’s to you, all of my lovely family and friends, who have seen me through it all and have been my constants. Next year will be better!

Here’s to you, my wonderful friends. My friends in real life, and my friends online. To the friends that are mummies themselves, and to the friends who aren’t. I’m so, so lucky to have you in my life. Each and everyone one of you has helped me in ways you may never know. Thank you for listening to my ridiculous worries (here’s hoping I won’t end up in prison in 2018, but I’ll keep the ‘get out of jail free’ card gifted to me at Christmas by one such good friend close at hand. You know. Just in case! ). Thank you for making me laugh, for making me see clearly, for being there when I just needed someone to say “it’ll all be ok”, for being there when I’ve just needed to tell someone who will get it. Here’s to you all, for without you I’d be so lost.

In case of emergency…!

Here’s to you, Mr Lighty. For having to put up with a somewhat madcap Mrs Lighty. For willingly taking photos of lots of very strange things, because I need them for my blog and for not questioning why I still slog away at something I have such a complex relationship with. I know this year has not been easy for you, either, and I hope that next year will be better for us both.

Here’s to you, my fellow bloggers. The ones that, two years ago, I started chatting to online and now class among my firm friends. To the ones that are there to ease my worries, no matter how silly. Who know all the right things to say. Who know what I’ll be worrying about before I’ve even mentioned it! Who say the loveliest of things at all the right times. And to the ones who have just simply become my friends in amongst this wonderful community.

Here’s to you, my lovely colleagues. Who have to put up with the fact that I may not have had a normal adult conversation that doesn’t revolve around babies all week, and therefore have me chattering non stop at them. Who never fail to make me laugh, and keep me sane!

Here’s to you, Baby Lighty’s grandparents. You have been there when we’ve needed emergency childcare, just to allow us to do the simplest of things like go to work. You have been there when we’ve just needed childcare, when we’ve just needed a night off from being parents, and when we’ve just needed that time to go out and reconnect with friends. We may have only managed one date night this year, just the two of us, but at least we’ve managed some social time with friends, which is what we’ve often needed. Plus Baby Lighty adores you all, so thank you and here’s to you for loving him!

Here’s to you, Baby Lighty. For lighting up my world every day. For making me laugh, and often cry happy tears too. For all of the cuddles and kisses and ‘do noses’ (Eskimo kisses). For loving me even when I get it wrong.

And here’s to you, lovely readers. For putting up with what is basically my brain written all over the blank page. For being there to tell me that you, too, have felt the way I’ve felt. For laughing with me, and occasionally crying with me. For being ever supportive, and for coming back for more. You are what makes this labour of love worthwhile.

Here’s to you all. Each and every one of you special people in our lives.

With much love, many thanks and the Happiest of New Years, 

Mrs Lighty xxx

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9 thoughts on “Here’s to you!”

  1. Happy New Year to you Nic and here’s to you! ? I consider myself very lucky to have you as such a good friend and to have finally met you and clinked a glass with you in 2017. Here’s to a fantastic 2018. Sending hugs. (And cake. Always cake.) xx

  2. #thesatsesh what a wonderful post of honesty and gratitude. I’m sure 2018 will be better and have loved reading your blog. ENJOY all the good, relish it and ignore the negative… hope you never need to use the ‘get out’ care 🙂

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