Liked and Loved: December 2017

Christmas is always a busy, busy time of year. And this year I feel like it crept up on me stealthily and without warning!! But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t packed a lot in this month. In fact it’s probably safe to say that it was our busiest month of the year! I hope you’ve all liked and loved a wonderful Christmas season as you sit reading this; here’s what we’ve liked and loved this month:

Toddler Christmas Parties

If you’d asked Mrs Lighty a few years ago what I’d enjoy in the run up to Christmas, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have answered with ‘toddler group Christmas parties’!! But actually, I love them! They feel like a little glimpse of how I’ll feel in a few years’ time when I see Baby Lighty in a nativity play; I love seeing how he interacts with other children, and this year at age two and a half he even seems to be grasping the idea of the Christmas story pretty well! I’ve therefore really enjoyed seeing him enjoy his Church baby group Christmas parties this month, one where he was a sheep during the group nativity story, and one where Father Christmas made a special guest appearance!

Meeting Father Christmas at baby group!

Let it Snow!

This month we’ve also enjoyed Baby Lighty’s first ‘proper’ snow. By this I mean snow that he can actually go out and play in for the first time. He was so excited when he looked out the window to see a garden covered in white, but it would seem that the thought of the snow is much more exciting than the cold and wet reality it presents! Nonetheless, we still got stuck into making a snowman and had a good old play in it!

Let it snow!

Christmas is not just for the Kiddies…

Between Mr Lighty and myself, we seem to have been out an awful lot over the month of December. Not that I’m complaining at all!! We enjoyed quite a few grown up outings to see various friendship groups during December, I had my WI Christmas party, and of course had our work Christmas dos too. Always lovely to share a cocktail or two with friends!

A Pre-Schooler Carol Concert

This year and last, Baby Lighty and I have attended the carol concert at the Church where we attend our Monday baby group. This year they did a specific concert for pre-schoolers and young children, which was fantastic. I love the fact that the children can get up and down during the service, get to play games and really join in with the whole event. I always find it super emotional, especially when they lights are dimmed and we sing Away in a Manager by the light of hundreds of Christingles. I love the community of the Church, and after the service itself, it was lovely to share a Christmas Eve cuppa with new friends in the Church hall.

The lovely Christingle service at our local church.

And then the Big Day itself…

All of this and we still had the actual even of Christmas itself! I feel like there is too much to write about here alone. Food, family, the wonder of Baby Lighty’s little face when he realised that Father Christmas had left all the presents, drinks with friends and having been totally spoilt with things that I both wanted and needed.

Christmas Day!

A New Year with a Bang!

And to top it all off?! We had a New Year’s trip to a certain little place called Disneyland…! It was Baby Lighty’s first visit, and although there were a few ups and downs which I’m hoping to write about shortly, we think that he really loved it. Our hearts melted as he stood there, so tiny, next to Mickey Mouse, and as it always the case when we go on our travels, it’s great to see the wonder on his face.

Happy New Year!

So that’s 2017 pretty much wrapped up! It’s been a hard year at times, and I recently wrote a post thanking everyone that’s been there for me when the going’s got tough. But onwards and upwards, here’s to a fantastic 2018 and enjoying more adventures as they come our way!

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