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There comes a time in most people’s lives when the big highlights of your social calendar revolve around weddings. Usually with a 30th birthday party and / or christening thrown in for good measure, too. Mr and Mrs Lighty have been in the midst of this celebration social life for a couple of years now, and this year, with Baby Lighty now in our lives, has been no exception.

With Mr and Mrs Jacky at their wedding in Scotland, aged 9 weeks!

The Family Lighty at Mr and Mrs Millsy’s wedding, aged 17 weeks!

Yes, by the tender age of just 4 months, Baby Lighty has already attended two weddings! And as much as they are a new experience for him, attending weddings with a baby in tow is a new experience for us, too.

I think the lovely Dawn at Rhyming with Wine summed it up when she said to me, “It used to be drunken knee skids across the dance floor and singing Motown with someone’s tie round your head. Now it’s looking for the quietest corner and drinking diet coke whilst saying shhhhh a lot!”. Well, quite…I couldn’t’ve put it better myself, really!!

The fact that Baby Lighty just won’t settle when we’ve been at the weddings is a case in point of the above. To be fair to the poor little mite, would you be able to sleep when there’s a ceilidh dance taking place four feet away from your buggy, or a live band whizzing the dancefloor into a frenzy just a few shimmies away from your little ears? Even the bride’s kind attention to detail at the latter wedding in buying Baby Lighty baby ear defenders did not go down well. So while I may have read many a blog about the differences in attending a wedding before children and after children, and may have smugly said to myself that that would never be my child, perhaps it’s time to admit defeat on the wedding-baby mash up?

Mrs Millsy, the beautiful bride, kindly provided baby ear defenders for her wedding to Kev…

…they unfortunately did not go down well!!

That said, it’s not like Baby Lighty didn’t enjoy the two weddings we’ve attended; there wasn’t much bottle drinking going on, which is a sure sign that there’s more interesting things to look at when he willingly sacrifices his food, and there was much smiling at the other guests to the point of being flirtatious with the ladies. As Mr Lighty told Brother Hatchy, Baby Lighty is the perfect wingman at a wedding, as his little suit attracts much cooing and clucking and striking up of conversations from ladies of all ages!

The suit impressed the ladies, but I’m not sure that it impressed Baby Lighty!

Whether Baby Lighty had the time of his little life or not, one thing was abundantly clear to Mr and Mrs Lighty: things ain’t what they used to be. There was indeed a lot of sitting in a quiet corner and ‘shushing’ at the last wedding we attended, and at our friends’ wedding in Scotland, all of the excitement got a bit too much for poor Baby Lighty. As a wedding guest you know that it’s time to leave when your own baby has had one too many – one too many formula bottles that is, which, when combined with much excitement and tiredness ends up being projectile vomited all over his little suit, and your dress.

So as we trudged away from the fun of the evening reception, tired, covered in sick, and with more baby paraphernalia than we could carry or fit on the buggy, and Mrs Lighty’s favourite guilty pleasure wedding song The Cha Cha Slide piped up behind us, I think the father of the bride summed things up perfectly: on noting my disappointment at giving in early
to the baby and the wedding and not being able to join in with the Cha Cha Sliding, he simply stated, “That’s parenthood!”.

And that, my friends and fellow wedding guests, is, indeed, parenthood.

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0 thoughts on “The Professional Wedding Guest Baby”

  1. Thank you for the link hunny! Brill post (as always), I love that baby Lighty is the ultimate wingman haha. Not the sick though, there is never any call for sick on a wedding outfit. (They just know don’t they!?) Lovely pictures. Very cute – your little man will be the highlight of their wedding albums. :0) xx

    1. Unfortunately Baby Lighty generally likes to be sick on any outfit!! I need to get him out of his Halloween outfit soon before he’s sick on that, as he’s got to wear it again on Saturday, ha!! Thanks for reading (and for the quote! ;D) xxx

  2. Oh my goodness my uterus ached when I saw him in his little wedding suit. Super cute! Oh, I’m so relieved our days of vomit over everything is over. Not fun. It’s rubbish sometimes that we have to end our parties before we’re ready because of the little people. I’m sure there’ll more cha cha slide’s in your future though 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter xxx

    1. Ha! Ah I hope you’re right! If all else fails, I’ll teach him how to Cha Cha Slide in toddlerhood and then we can both dance together!! ;D Thanks so much for hosting #fartglitter 🙂

  3. I have two kids, the youngest being 18 months old. We have done 4 weddings in the last 18 months with them both. We have just been invited to another and my friend very apologetically told me they were not inviting any children. My husband and I were jumping for joy. Babysitters booked, and we can’t wait! Love my boys dearly, but the fact is they don’t love weddings! #Fartglitter

    1. Ha!! I don’t blame you!! At the second wedding we would have left Baby Lighty with a sitter had it not been for the fact that it was a Sunday night, so had we stayed over all of our sitters would have needed to go to work on the Monday!! Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

  4. That’s so sweet they gave baby ear defenders 🙂 I agree, weddings are very different now, Baby H has been to one but we did last til 11 at which point she woke and we ran home haha Thanks for sharing #fartglitter

  5. Ah, the wedding phase. At our ripe old age of 34 & 35, the weddings have slowed right down, as have the 30ths…but we’re happily enjoying the lull while the kids are young…they’ll be the perfect age when the 40ths kick off! You are so right weddings with Babies are a whole different affair! Thanks for joining in with #coolmumclub x MMT

    1. Well I *think* these will be the last ones for a while, I can only think of potentially two over the next couple of years…hopefully he’ll sleep through the next ones?! Maybe not!! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub 🙂

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