You’re Only One Once…

Earlier on this week, we celebrated Baby Lighty’s first birthday, hurrah! I know that he won’t remember it as he gets older (although as an aside, Mrs Lighty’s earliest memory is from her first birthday party!) and I did wonder if we were going a big over the top with our celebratory plans, but it just goes against Mrs Lighty’s nature not celebrate such milestones. It was an emotional time for Mrs Lighty, and there was no way that I was going to let it pass without some fanfare!

The celebrations therefore began the day before his birthday when we had a smoked salmon and champagne brunch with Nanny and Grandad Hatchy (champers for Mr & Mrs Lighty and the other adults that is; Baby Lighty made do with water!). The sun blessed us with its presence so we were able to enjoy it in my parents’ garden, which was lovely. Baby Lighty has also recently learnt how to lift his glass – or rather, sippee cup – in toast, so our neighbours were probably wondering what all of the multiple “cheers!” were about!! Have you ever met a posher baby than Baby Lighty?! A smoked salmon first birthday brunch indeed!!


Monday dawned equally as sunny, which was fab to see as this was Baby Lighty’s actual birthday, and we were off to the zoo! After a mammoth present opening session after breakfast – Baby Lighty was thoroughly spoilt by all and sundry – we packed up a picnic and headed off to Colchester Zoo for the day. Mr & Mrs Lighty have been before, but we were trying to put our finger on when; it was certainly before we were married, so at least five years and a bit ago. What a difference we saw in those five or more years between visits! Whether it was just our imagination, I’m not sure, but the zoo seemed to be a lot bigger and there are now plenty of walk-throughs and slightly more interactive attractions than we remember there being. We had a really lovely day: as soon as Baby Lighty saw the monkeys in the first enclosure as we stepped through the gates he was enthralled, and we even managed to feed the elephants, much to Mr and Mrs Lighty’s delight and Baby Lighty’s look of “what on earth is that thing?!”!!

It was so lovely to see Baby Lighty’s delight in all od the new animsls he encountered!

“What on earth is this thing we’re feeding, Mummy?!”

The only things we didn’t manage to squeeze in at the zoo were a ride on the land train and the soft play, because we forgot socks for Baby Lighty (as it was such a hot day and he was wearing sandals), although when I saw the slightly older children being quite boisterous in the baby section of the soft play, I was quite glad that I’d forgotten to pack socks, even if he is now the grand old age of one!! I’m sure we’ll be visiting the zoo again soon though, so we’ll pop those attractions on the list for next time.

After more present opening with friends and family in the evening, and a quick play in the garden in his new ride, the Little Tikes’ Cozy Coupe, the day had to end of course with CAKE!!

Check out my new ride!


All this and there are still more celebrations to come… Well, you’re only one once!!

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5 thoughts on “You’re Only One Once…”

  1. Happy birthday, little one! Our tot was totally entranced by his first visit too. It’s so lovely, isn’t it? Hope the rest of the celebrations go well too x


  2. What a really gorgeous (and posh!) way to celebrate such a milestone occasion 🙂 I hope you all had lots of fun. Little Lighty might not remember it but there will be pictures to look back on and memories captured. Happy Birthday. #fortheloveofBLOG x

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