Food Glorious Food!

Ah feeding. Is this the hardest baby conundrum to crack?! Everyone I’ve spoken to, whether bottle or breastfeeding, has said how difficult it is. Every day in the Lighty household we seem to have a new challenge when it comes to feeding – and this is before we even get to the weaning stage!!

We’re a formula feeding household, as Baby Lighty was constantly cluster feeding when he was on the breast for the first month of his little life, yet not gaining any weight. Formula feeding is undeniably easier than breastfeeding, and I take my hat off to all of you fabulous mummies out there that have cracked it!

But even so, formula feeding isn’t without its challenges. Take yesterday as a case in point: I’ve read tonnes and tonnes on the internet about new mums being obsessed with feeding intervals, and while we’re very much feeding on demand, we’ve not quite got the hang of knowing when the Little Lighty will want his next feed. Off we went as a merry band to Lakeside shopping centre yesterday therefore, to buy Mr Lighty a suit for a good friend’s upcoming wedding. However, before we even set foot in a suit shop we had to make a detour to the nearest Costa Coffee for a caffeine hit for us and a formula hit for Baby Lighty!

Now, our Little Lighty has become rather inquisitive, and rather than concentrate on his milk, he’d much rather be nosy and keep his lovely little eyes on what’s going on around him! Thus less than an hour and a half later when in Matalan, he decided to scream the shop down as he hadn’t finished his bottle! The girl on the changing rooms wouldn’t let me have a sit down in there to feed him either, so we had to scream down the whole retail park before finding a feeding refuge in the shape of the kind changing room staff at M&S.

So that was yesterday’s first challenge. Unfortunately Baby Lighty has been suffering from reflux since we made the move onto formula, and we’ve been advised by the doctor to try him on the anti-reflux milk. We tried it for the first time yesterday. Well, we say we tried it; what we actually did was not realise that we needed to give the poor baby a faster flowing teat in order for him to get the milk out! Bet the poor little thing is wondering how on earth he had the misfortune to be born to such clueless parents as us!
And so the feeding conundrum continues…now we’ve realised the mistake with the teats, we’ll see how Baby Lighty gets on with the anti-reflux formula and I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, it’s time for my feed – lunch awaits! Happy Sunday all 🙂

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