And Baby Makes Three….Where’s the Instruction Manual?!

6 weeks and 6 days ago, our lives, quite literally, changed overnight. My waters broke at 11pm and by 1pm the next afternoon, we were suddenly in possession of our very own baby boy. He was, and still is, gorgeous and perfect and the love of our lives! There was now only one thing missing from our lives: his instruction manual.

We were lucky enough to bring him home from the hospital within 36 hours of him being born. That is, we were allowed to bring him home once we’d figured out how to loosen the straps on the car seat! And this was to be the theme of weeks to come: every new parent will say the same thing, suddenly we were in charge of this tiny human being, whom we loved so, so much and were desperate not to break or ruin. Figure things out we must: let the steepest learning curve ever commence!

So nearly 7 weeks have passed, and this is my humble stab at chronicling the biggest and best change in our lives. We’ve struggled with, and ultimately had to let fall by the wayside, breastfeeding, we’ve had a night of non-stop screaming when I was sure the neighbours were going to call social services, and we’ve had to figure out how best to work as a team. The weeks are flying by, and as the formula dust settles, I’ll try to update you all on our progress on a regular basis on how the three of us are doing.

And when I look back now, I think we’re doing ok. Well done Hubs and Bubs, the Lighty family adventure is about to begin!

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3 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Three….Where’s the Instruction Manual?!”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever actually read your very first post Mrs L! The start of so many adventures! ? I’m so pleased that you hit publish 2 years ago. You are honestly one of the loveliest bloggy friends I could have hoped to meet! Happy blogiversary lovely xx

  2. So lovely to read this post, first days and weeks with a new born are all about learning. A couple of years later we are still learning just in new ways.

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