Encouragement: a Guest Post by Rhyming with Wine

When Mrs Lighty started blogging nearly a year ago, I ‘met’ via Twitter the lovely Dawn from Rhyming with Wine. We quickly struck up a friendship over virtual cake and wine, and she has been one of my biggest blog supporters, right from the start, for which I’ll always be grateful for.

I fell in love with Dawn’s blog – as many of us have – due to the fact that EVERY SINGLE POST is written in poem format, and I knew that it was only a matter of time before she made it big on the blogging scene. Because of this, I recently asked her to write a guest blog post for All Things Spliced, before she becomes too famous for the likes of little old me!! 😉

Anyone that read my recent Time Flies post will know that it came from a place of needing to boast about my brilliant child pride at how much Baby Lighty has learnt of late, and of course part of being a parent is encouragement in all the right places. Dawn shares this view with her guest post below, but I must stress that that encouragement does need to be in all the right places…

Thanks so much for writing this for Mrs Lighty, Dawn, here’s to many more Follow Friday tweets including virtual cake and wine! Over to you…

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So one thing I’ve found as my offspring are raised,

Is a constant requirement to check that they’re praised.

The smallest of wins now deserve an applause,

Like pulling on socks, or perhaps closing drawers?


Or putting a foot vaguely close to a shoe?

Which now gets a standing ovation. (it’s true!)

I whooped and I cheered as a super proud Mum

When you stood for a second… Then fell on your bum.


I pointed my camera so giddy to boast,

That my fabulous baby had EATEN SOME TOAST!

I’m there at the side lines – hysterically proud.

Whilst waving my pom poms and cheering too loud.


You CAN be an astronaut,

Fireman or Clown,

You can reach for the stars,

I will not hold you down!


I’ll continue to nurture,

to coax and to nudge,

It might be obsessive –

I don’t give a fudge.


I’m there to support as you follow your dreams.

Regardless of however silly it seems!

Although… There’s one thing that I won’t let you do.

But please understand it’s because I love you!


Just one thing my sweethearts,

Just one tiny thing,

IF when you’re older…

You can’t really sing…


If maybe you think you can hold a nice tune,

When really you sound like a bit of a loon?



About Rhyming with wine

I am the incredibly proud, 37 year old mum of two very busy children.  Miss Tot is 3 and Mstr Tot is just 1.  We live in Yorkshire with their wonderful Dad, my lovely hubby, who is fondly known as “Daddy Pig”, as he is of course “rather an expert at everything”.  The last three years have been mind blowing, if a little bit mental.

Rhyming with Wine is an ongoing collection of rhymes about the general silliness of our family life.  Most of them are intended to share a giggle, though I can’t promise that the odd one won’t bring about a little tear too, (hopefully in a good way of course).

Rhyming with wine….

Because “whine” rhymes with “wine”, in much the same way as “tantrum” rhymes with “vodka” and generally most things rhyme with “cake!”

Dawn x

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You can find Dawn here, please go check out her fabulous blog:


Twitter handle – @rhymingwithwine

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rhymingwithwine/

E-Mail – rhymingwithwine@outlook.com


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0 thoughts on “Encouragement: a Guest Post by Rhyming with Wine”

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post lovely! I’m very grateful to you too – you are a brilliant bloggy friend and you always offer the best virtual (gluten free / extra jam) cake! ??? xx

  2. Ah lovely! So true. We are proud of our little darlings for simply opening their eyes aren’t we? And so we should be. Lovely poem. #coolmumclub

    1. I knew that anything that Dawn writes always goes down well with #CoolMumClub. And she kindly came along at just the right time, when I didn’t have any content of my own, ha! xxx

  3. Haha, I love it! I also worry about my tot expecting applause when he’s older for things like closing doors. At least I’m not alone 🙂


  4. I do wonder at what age I will need to stop whooping and cheering every time I hear “watch mummy” *3 year old wiggles her arm or lifts one foot up in the air* I can see that it might become an issue… Thanks both of you xx

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