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Ever since I was pregnant, I’ve been into the idea of baby wearing. I loved the idea of having the little person that I’d been carrying in my tummy for 9 months being carried on my chest as I went about my daily tasks. The only trouble was, I didn’t really know anything about it.

As far as I was concerned, I hadn’t really heard of the term baby wearing itself, and assumed that my only option was the traditional Baby Björn Original, one of which I’d been given by a friend. Oh how wrong I was! Turns out, there’s actually a whole world of baby wearing out there, which is why today, after I’d debated with myself whether I could take a buggy to such an event and then nearly getting lost en route, I’ve been to my very first sling meet to find out what’s what.

I first tried the NCT Close Caboo when Baby Lighty was tiny, mostly because I was finding it difficult to keep on top of the housework and chores and give him plenty of cuddles at the same time. Stored in a handy pouch bag, which then becomes part of the sling, it’s pre-wrapped, to make it as easy as possible to put on. We did find it easy to put on, but every time we then tried to lift Baby Lighty into it, we struggled until he would be so distressed that we gave up. Having said that, we did manage it twice: once indoors whilst carrying out housework, and once we even Caboo’d at the zoo!

Cabooing at the zoo!

Our next attempt at baby wearing came in the form of our Baby Björn Original during our recent Scottish road trip, and this time Mr Lighty got in on the act.

Mr Lighty getting in on the baby wearing!

We both loved the ease with which we could get Baby Lighty in and out of the Björn, but as our carrier was a second hand older version, we were a bit concerned about the fact that his legs weren’t in the recommended ‘M’ or froggy shape. We rectified this a bit back at home with the ‘scarf hack’ whereby we used the belly pouch part of our Caboo round the bottom of our Björn, but it wasn’t ideal. I’d be interested to see if today’s modern Björns rectify this problem.

The Baby Björn / Caboo hybrid!

And so after what seemed like two failed attempts, I turned to my trusty Facebook baby group for advice. And I was duly rewarded by one of my friends on there sending me their Baby Connecta to try.

So far, so good! It’s easy to put on, comfy and ergonomic for both of us. Baby Lighty regularly falls asleep in it, and it even has a handy hood to keep him dry when our lovely British Summer lets us down once again! Furthermore, it has a super cute pink, blue and green giraffe design on it!

We have so far used it when nipping to the shops, at our local car bootsale and at the National Trust’s Chartwell. The latter two would’ve been nigh on impossible with the traditional buggy. Indeed, at Chartwell we even managed the woodland trail up to the World War II bomb crater – it was hard going with my little tiny person attached to me, but there’s no way the buggy would’ve made it up there, and as Mr Lighty kindly pointed out, at least it would be burning the baby fat, cheeky so-and-so!

Baby Lighty and I using the Connecta!

I got some great tips today regarding head support whilst using the Connecta and made sure I was wearing it properly, too. Now the only two things I’ve got to figure out is what to do about carrying all of the baby paraphernalia when I’m also carrying Baby Lighty – Mr Lighty’s rucksack worked quite well at Chartwell, but I’m thinking that I might well need another beautiful Pink Lining bag! – and how to stop worrying about tripping whilst I’m wearing him…if anyone has the answer to this conundrum, please do let me know!!

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  1. We had a wrap sling with our son which I used once because it was such a faff trying to get it on and him in it! We also had a Mothercare carrier but that wasn’t very good. Uncomfortable and too many straps! Then we got a bjorn original which was great! I definitely want to do more baby wearing with my second, when I eventually have a second! Thanks for sharing on #sundaystars

  2. We if a wrap sling followed by a bJorn. I preferred the bjorn because it was easier to use but I think fabric slings are far more comfortable. I’m going to try more baby wearing when we have a second #sundaystars

  3. I loved baby wearing and really miss it. Little Miss H is 2 1/2 but she is the height of a 3 1/2 year old and getting her on to my back is impossible. We had a modern Baby Bjorn but it wasn’t good. Little Miss H wasn’t in the recommended frog shape and within a few minutes of carrying Little Miss H my back and shoulders were agony. Instead, I bought a Lenny Lamb wrap which I loved. Then when she was older we moved on to a Lenny Lamb toddler ergo carrier which was also fab. I think you just need to try lots of options. I had a group of friends who also baby wore and between us we had ring slings, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, Connectas, Tulas, mei tais, onbus and wompats. It meant that I could try a variety before purchasing. There is so much choice in baby wearing that it is right to get the right thing for you and baby. Good luck with it all. Hugs Mrs H xxxx Warning: once you start down the baby wearing road then you will become obsessed. Check out all the second hand groups on Facebook. #SundaysStars

    1. Haha, don’t, I’m already chasing pretty Connectas on EBay as I don’t want just a bog standard one!! That’s why I think the sling meets and libraries are such a good idea, as you can try before you buy. I’ve heard good things about the Ergo Baby so may have to try one of those when Baby Lighty is older. Thanks for taking the time to read! #SundayStars 🙂

  4. I used a stretchy wrap with my daughter when she was little, and once I got used to doing it I loved it. Now she’s 18 months and I use a ring sling which is fab for keeping her close on the school run, so she doesn’t try and get away from me and into the classroom with her brother! She’s heavy for her age, but the ring sling is still really comfy, she’s fallen asleep in it a few times recently which I’ve really loved! x

  5. I’ve recently got into baby wearing and really wish I had done it more at the beginning. I got a Moby wrap on recommendation from our Facebook group but its only really worked out in the last month or two. I need to get back to my local sling meet and try out another few- The hubby wants to start getting in on the act now so he wants to try a manly one. 🙂


    1. Definitely recommend the sling meets for advice on what you could try next. I’m really happy with the Connecta so far, but I got some great tips on how to use it from the meet. Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂 #MummyMondays

  6. I too am a babywearing convert, I started with a caboo and a stretchy, then a connecta type, now I have a rose and rebellion (in my profile pic) and still wear him regularly at 8 months! He loves it and it’s saved my sanity many a time. I love Chartwell too, haven’t been with the children yet though, are you on Kent Babywearing group on FB? I live in Kent as well. #twinklytuesdays

    1. We actually live just across the bridge in Essex! You should definitely visit Chartwell, so interesting and the grounds are lovely for the children. Think try also run regular children’s events. Baby wearing made the whole day that much easier, that’s for sure! Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

  7. We had a gemini with Zach but he wasn’t keen so we hardly ever used it and I really regret that! We still have it for next time round (hopefully) so I think I’ll try and use it again and hope it has a better result! It was bloomin expensive too for something that was barely used!Glad you’ve had huge success though, it is lovely 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thanks for having me! They are horrendously expensive which is why I bought the Caboo as it was only £40, but still frustrated that we’ve hardly used it! Am trying to buy my own Connecta second hand now. I guess this is where the sling libraries come into their own!! #TwinklyTuesday

  8. I really wanted to babywear but my daughter was having none of it! We tried the Manduca sling which was stupidly expensive and she screamed from the moment she was put in it. We also tried a few others I forget the names of, but she was the same unfortunately. I’m really hoping the next baby is more receptive, especially as it would mean I might be able to get away without buying a double buggy!

    1. I think it definitely depends on the sling. Baby Lighty didn’t like the Caboo, was better in the Björn but seems to really like the Connecta. I guess that’s why sling libraries are such a good idea!! Hope baby number 2 likes it better for you, thanks for taking the time to read my post 🙂

  9. I didn’t really carry my son (who is now 2 1/2). I completely regret that. My friend runs the local sling library where I live so I will definitely be baby wearing my second baby whenever that may be. I’ll be avoiding the Baby Bjorn slings that don’t sit them in the M position and use wrap styles I think. Glad you found what what suitable for you 🙂 #MummyMonday

    1. It’s definitely a case of trial and error and that’s why the sling libraries are so great. I definitely recommend baby wearing for days out like those mentioned in my post, no bulky buggy to worry about! #MummyMonday

  10. I tried wraps with my fifth {and final} baby, and I conquered the ruck back? Is that right? I’m such a noob, anyway….yeah I liked that for a while, then we used a papoose…LOVED that! Either way baby wearing rocks! 😉

    1. I’m not sure what it’s called, you probably know better than me as I’m still very much a novice!! It’s great though isn’t it?? Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

  11. We have an ErgoBaby and I love it. ‘Baby’ Bear is nearing a year and a half now and he still loves going in it when he’s getting tired or grouchy and I can get on with the washing up or cooking dinner without him crying for me to pick him up. He’s getting a bit heavy for it to be comfortable to hang up washing with him in it, though! I think Tyger (three) would still fir in it, too. You do need an insert for newborns, though. Baby carriers are great and as for the fear of tripping I think it’s just something that recedes a bit with time and as the baby becomes a little bigger and more robust. I still worry sometimes, though! Great post.


    1. Thanks very much! I’ve also heard good things about the Ergo baby! I’ve found that the trick for comfortably hanging out the washing is to have the basket at waist height on a small table beside me!! #SundayStars

  12. I love baby wearing and didn’t even have a buggy on my last two until they were each over a year old! Rucksacks are definitely the way to go when your front carrying, I’m sure I’ve seen rucksack style changing bags. I know many mums who have also used a shopping trolley when out shopping/for longer days out to put things in. I was recently asked to review the Baby Bjorn We carrier. To be honest I wasn’t that hopeful as I’m more a ringsling/wrap kinda gal but even with my 2 year old it was comfy, not diggy and he was comfy for the 10k walk he was in it (swapped 1/2 way with hubby). The base isn’t hugely wide, about the width of a baby mei tai, so perfectly fine for younger children. As for the feel safe while walking, the only answer there is to do it regularly. When your doing it everyday you do get used to it. Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars xxx

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