Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: May 2018

May seems to have zoomed by, and suddenly we’re in Baby Lighty’s birthday month. This month has probably flown because we’ve spent a large chunk of it having fun abroad!! I’ve included this as one of our liked and loved moments below, but there is more on this to come on the blog shortly!

So what else have we liked and loved this month? Well it goes a little something like this:

Bank Holiday Number 1:

When it comes to May, two of the liked and loved moments have always got to be the bank holidays, right?! We spent the first one enjoying the sunshine with our friends. Their twins are some of Baby Lighty’s best buds, so it’s always a pleasure to meet up with them. After a delicious lunch (our friend Mrs Withy actually wrote a cookbook, she’s that good a cook!!), we all set out for one of our local parks and a ride on the miniature railway!

A really, really bad miniature train selfie!

The miniature railway is quite elusive, as it only seems to be in the park once or twice a year (or maybe that’s just my imagination?!), so it was a bit of a treat for the three kiddywinks. I think it was safe to say that they loved it! And we loved the sunshine and the time spent with our good friends.

Feeding the ducks!

Holiday, Holiday:

Well what can I say?! We went on our first family ‘beach’ holiday to Gran Canaria this month, and had just the best time. There will be more on All Things Spliced soon, but for now I’ll just say that it involved sun, sea, sand, the swimming pool, lots and lots of all inclusive and a little boy who was living his best life!

Jumping the waves!

Bank Holiday Number 2:

So bank holiday number two, and it was our turn to reciprocate the hospitality. How lucky were we with the weather for both of our bank holidays this May?! We were even inspired to host a BBQ for our friends with the twins. I wonder whether this will become a May bank holiday tradition Mr and Mrs Withy?! And you know how much I was enjoying myself, when I didn’t even manage any photos! Bad blogger!!

Sorry this is a short but sweet liked and loved this month. We have had a lovely month, and there’s more to come next month in the shape of a certain someone turning three! Come back next month to see what we’ve liked and loved in June!

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