First Treasures Fingerprint Jewellery: A Review

Mrs Lighty has always been of a sentimental nature. I may even have a whole box full of toot really precious treasures which are supposedly keepsakes from Baby Lighty’s first few years of life. Scan pictures, hospital bracelet, special outfits, first shoes, first cinema trip ticket etc etc: you name it, I’ve kept it! I have said on occasion, that I probably shouldn’t keep all of these little bits and bobs for him as he’ll probably only grow up to resent being handed a box of rather strange objects which he’s then got to find a home for (or risk offending his mum by chucking them away). So with this in mind, perhaps I should admit that the keepsakes are really for me, rather than him. When I was therefore approached by First Treasures to review their fingerprint jewellery, I jumped at the chance. I do love a keepsake, and this would be a really special one that I could wear every day!

I’ve seen silver fingerprint jewellery before, but, not one to treat myself regularly, hadn’t really thought about investing in a piece. I’ve only just started to wear necklaces again after having Baby Lighty, however, and it’s interesting to see that my tastes have changed, and my collection is therefore somewhat diminished. This meant that I was really excited to have a new piece to add to my jewellery collection, and one which would have such meaning behind it, too.

Of course, before I could add it to my collection, I had to have the lovely First Treasures create the piece for me. This involved being sent a mould mixture in the post, which I would then take the fingerprint with, and send back for the piece to be made. Very clear instructions are included with the mould mixture, which requires having to knead a white piece and a blue piece of putty together. Unfortunately, after a few attempts at kneading the putty, it appeared that I had been sent a dud piece of blue putty, and a replacement was therefore sent straight away.

Once the new blue piece had been received, the white and the blue putty kneaded together beautifully, and I was easily able to take the print. There’s also a form included with the putty mixture on which you can indicate what shape of jewellery you’d like, and if you’d like to have any initials included. I sent the form and the print back, and was told that it would take approximately 10 days from receipt of the print to make the piece of jewellery, and this would then be sent on to me. True to their word, I received the final piece from First Treasures within two weeks!

I’m so pleased with the finished product! It’s lovely to have Baby Lighty’s tiny fingerprint forever captured in silver clay, so that I can wear it close to my heart. I think if I went through the process again, I’d ask if the initials could be put on the back of the piece, but this was my own fault for not asking at the time of completing the form. It should also be noted that this type of charm doesn’t come with a chain, so this needs to be sourced before the piece can be worn, although it does allow for the flexibility of putting it on a necklace, bracelet, or perhaps even a keyring or bag charm! This is a small charm which comes with a jump ring attachment (as shown) or a charm bracelet attachment. There are other charms available from First Treasures which come with a necklace chain.

I can’t wait to start wearing my new piece. It’s stylish and simple, which is exactly what I like in a piece of jewellery, and yet slightly different at the same time. And most importantly, it’s a fantastic keepsake of those little fingers which have got such a tight hold on my heart.

Disclaimer: I was sent the fingerprint charm in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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