Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: April 2018

Wow what a busy month April has been! And finally – finally! – we have some sunshine! Hurrah!! It’s definitely helped to lift my mood, which is good news. It’s definitely been something that I’ve liked and loved this month, that’s for sure!!

But what else have us Lightys liked and loved this month? Well, here’s just a little bit of April for you:

Easter Enjoyment

Obviously Easter this year fell partly in March, partly in April. I’ve already written a little bit about our Easter in my previous Liked and Loved post, but we also enjoyed some family time on Easter Sunday, followed by 70th birthday drinks for a friend of the family, and discovered a little local gem on Easter Monday.

The gem was a local community farm project, Wellgate Community Farm. It’s free to visit, and although it’s only tiny, it did give us a change of scenery for a little bit on a grey bank holiday Monday! It was lovely to see some spring babies too, to continue the Easter weekend theme!

A Wonderful Wedding

On the Tuesday after Easter Monday, we were lucky enough to have an invite to the wedding of close friends. We had a wonderful day celebrating with the new Mr and Mrs Wrighty, as well as our friends who we don’t get to see nearly as much as we’d like.

You know there has been plenty of fun to be had when you manage to successfully persuade one of your very much heavy rock loving friends, who you haven’t seen in nearly five years, onto the dance floor for the Cha Cha Slide (as you may recall, one of Mrs Lighty’s guilty pleasure wedding party songs!). I’d also like to congratulate my good friend Mrs Jacky on a successful Cha Cha Slide considering she was only 9 weeks postpartum having delivered twins by c-section! Good work, Mrs Jacky!!

A First Football Training Session

Something which Mr Lighty has wanted to get Baby Lighty involved in for ages is football. After many a conversation with one of our friends at the aforementioned wedding, Mr Lighty was pleased to discover that there is a toddler footie training session on a Saturday morning local to us. So without further ado, Baby Lighty was signed up!

He was a little reluctant at first, and clung to Mr Lighty during the warm up, but then as soon as the footballs came out, he got right into it, and didn’t stop talking about the 3 goals that he scored!! All I’ve heard since then is “can I go to football class again?” And so I seem to have another football loving male in the household…God help me.

A Happy Housewarming

Mr Lighty and I have also managed a grown up outing this month, hurrah! Two of our best friends, who are also two of Baby Lighty’s godparents, have recently bought their first home together, so our little gang of friend were invited over for a mini housewarming.

It was lovely to see their new home, and to see them so happy. They also live in a beautiful village, which we were lucky enough to see during an evening of spring sunshine as we took a stroll to their local! There was lots of bubbly, lots of pizza, a little board game, and lots and lots of laughter! Mr Lighty and I stayed over, as Baby Lighty was on a sleepover with his grandparents, so we really could relax a bit. And we got our first proper lie in in over two and a half years!!

An Anniversary

April is also the month of our wedding anniversary (told you it’s been a busy month!!). We kept it low key this year. And I have to chuckle to myself as on our first wedding anniversary we spent a weekend in Ghent; our second anniversary was spent in Suffolk, our third in Cromer, then we reduced things to a meal at the likes of our wedding venue and this year? Well this year we opted for child friendly and went for a Toby Carvery! We also managed dessert at our local Creams Gelato as a treat, too!

And Hello Sunshine!

Who didn’t enjoy the sunshine we had last month?! We certainly did! We had plenty of fun in the garden, splash splashing in our tough spot and getting stuck into the gardening. It lifts my mood so much, and I hope that the good weather is pretty much here to stay now!

So that was April! It felt nicely busy, and I hope that the coming months will bring more good things our way. Happy May everyone, looking forward to seeing what we’ve liked and loved this time next month!

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