Three Family Friendly Restaurants in Penzance

I don’t know about you, but us Lightys seem to spend an awfully large amount of time thinking about food when we’re on holiday. What to take with us on our trip, what we’ll take out and about with us, where we’ll stop for lunch, and, a massive part of any holiday, where we’ll have dinner. Now that Baby Lighty is in tow, it’s also important to us to find a restaurant which is family friendly. And, although I’m sure there are plenty of other family friendly choices available, during our recent holiday to Cornwall, we managed to find three extremely family friendly restaurants in Penzance.

To save you the trouble of having to wander the streets looking for somewhere to eat for hours on end each night (or is that just the Lightys that do that?!), if you’re travelling to Cornwall shortly, here are three of our favourite family friendly restaurants in Penzance:

Frasers Fish and Chips

Frasers Fish and Chips, on the seafront between Penzance and Newlyn, was, for Mrs Lighty at least, a little bit of a revelation. If I say to you ‘gluten free fish and chips’, you’ll know why. It was a real treat of a restaurant for Mrs Lighty, but for the littlest Lightys it was also a bit of a treat. The service was quick, and when the children’s food arrived, it arrived in style: in a bucket and spade! The children were allowed to keep these, and they also had the added treat of a soft scoop icecream included in the price of the kiddie menu!

3 family friendly restaurants in Penzance

Dinner in a bucket!

3 family friendly restaurants in Penzance

When you’ve got ice cream on your nose!!

The Dolphin Tavern

We loved this traditional pub for the fact that they had a games room which included toys suitable for our little kiddywinks. Mr Lighty brought a bucket of building blocks out of the games room to our table, and this kept the kiddies entertained until their food arrived. The children’s menu is pretty run-of-the-mill, but the portions were big and the children were entertained. What more can you want?!

3 family friendly restaurants in Penzance

Megablocks fun at The Dolphin Tavern!

Coco Locos

This was a real hidden gem! The Mexican restaurant is tucked behind the main parade of shops in town, and is decorated beautifully. It didn’t at all feel like we’d chosen the restaurant purely for the fact that it was meant to be family friendly; it felt like we’d gone out for a lovely meal and Baby Lighty had simply come with us.

3 family friendly restaurants in Penzance

Tucking in at Coco Locos!

From the minute we stepped into the restaurant, the service was second to none. They immediately brought over a booster seat for Baby Lighty, plus a basket of toys for him to explore. Nothing was too much trouble, and although there isn’t a specific children’s menu, they were happy to make Baby Lighty a single enchilada as his meal (they did also say that they would have made him something like plain chicken and chips if he’d prefer, but his baby led weaning upbringing means that he’s pretty au fait with a bit of Mexican!!). We’ve been raving about both the service and the food since we came back!

It’s lovely to feel that we can still go out for meals with Baby Lighty accompanying us, but I do like the idea of choosing a more child friendly restaurant than we maybe would have done in the past. After all…happy baby, happy mummy and daddy!!

All details correct at the time of publishing (August 2017). All opinions are my own.

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