Hush Little Noises…Please don’t Wake Little Lighty! 

When Baby Lighty was born, Britain was in one of the hottest heat waves the country had seen for a long, long time. With temperatures regularly reaching 27 degrees upwards, this soon gave way to one spectacular thunderstorm when the Little Lighty was approximately 6 weeks old.

Mr and Mrs Lighty promptly woke up that night, as the heavens thundered and clapped around us, but on sneaking over to Baby Lighty’s basket, we found that he was fast asleep still!

The thunderstorm that Baby Lighty slept through in the summer of 2015. Photo courtesy of Brother-in-Law Browny!

We are fortunate that he has always been a very good nighttime sleeper (I’m touching everything wooden that I can see around me, including my own thick skull, as I write this – don’t want to jinx it!!), yet in the daytime it’s a different story. We’ve perfected the creeping around the house move – or ‘the mime artist’ as one friend called it – that most parents will be familiar with, as despite sleeping soundly through his first ever thunderstorm, the littlest of noises will wake the littlest of Lightys.

He’ll happily sleep through our very loud, very ancient spin cycle on our washing machine, next door’s motorbike revving and pneumatic drilling when napping in the buggy when out and about, but will he sleep through the post dropping through the letterbox? Not a chance!! Here’s my little round up of Little Lighty waking noises:

  • The aforementioned post dropping onto the door mat, or indeed the front door being opened. If he’s napping when I know that Mr Lighty is en route home from work, I make sure that he knows to creep – or mime artist – into the house!
  • Velcro. Of any description. If someone takes off their shoes with a Velcro fastening nearby, he will wake up, guaranteed.
  • The dishwasher being loaded or unloaded (there’s no ‘napping when the baby naps’ going on when the housework needs doing, is there mums?!) – crockery makes this a very difficult one to mine artist to!
  • Creaking floorboards – every parent’s favourite!
  • Sneezing.
  • Typing, particularly on the computer, but equally extended to the phone if an email downloads mid-blog. I’ve pretty much given up on copywriting during nap times!
  • Snacking. Ah, my favourite! *She says with sarcasm*! Why is it that the dustbin men can clatter and bang outside our house without Baby Lighty murmuring, but the minute I sit down with a cuppa and even slightly rustle the biscuit packet, he will wake up?! Super sonic baby hearing perhaps?! Impeccable timing?! And I know that this will only get worse once he’s weaned, as he’ll want to get in on the biscuit action. Sigh.

I know that these are just part and parcel of ‘parenting sod’s law’, and I am so very lucky to have a good nighttime sleeper, but let’s put it this way, I have to question, is this what Jumperoos were invented for, so that mums can have a sit down and a cuppa in relative peace?!

Oh no, wait, then we’ve got the Jumperoo soundtrack to contend with instead…! Better put that peaceful cup of tea on hold for several years yet…

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  1. It’s a mystery why babies can sleep so soundly during the day with all the loudest noises, yet the smallest one will wake them. I love that he wakes to velcro! The door handle on Baby J’s nursery is so squeaky, it takes 10 minutes to get out of his room to try and open and close the door as quietly as possible!

  2. We renamed our jumperoo Baby jail. I loved it. I cried a bit when it had to be dismantled. Have you considered snacking on marshmallows? (Already removed from scrunchy packet pre nap of course). ;0) x

  3. I saw the jumperoo referred to as the ‘circle of neglect’ once :o) Just a shame that the baby is too big for it now. And I totally agree with you on the creaky floorboards! I have strategically put items of clothing on the ‘hotspots’ so that I know to tread around them once baby is asleep. Thank you for linking up to #SnoozySunday!

  4. Oh my goodness, I remember this all too well!
    Our eldest didn’t nap longer than 40mins til he was 6 months old & it seemed every tiny thing would wake him…
    I’m going to invent a letterbox muffler & take it on Dragons Den to make my fortune! ??????

  5. Haha! It won’t be that long until you have a nice cuppa, I promise, but I vividly remember those napless days! 🙂 great post xx Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xxx

    1. I know I’ll miss these days of him being little too, and everyone frightens the life out of me by telling me that it gets harder, but boy would I like a peaceful cuppa some days!! Thanks for reading 🙂 #TheList

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