Lighty’s Loyalty and Hugh Grant: The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I had a little notification pop up on my Twitter feed just over a week ago to say that the lovely Dawn at Rhyming with Wine had very kindly nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

I was so thrilled to read this, especially as I love Dawn’s humourous poems about parenthood – how she comes up with the fantastic rhymes that she does, I don’t know!! Although we do know that pretty much everything rhymes with wine, right?!

Here’s what the creator said about the award: The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenters, whether a fellow blogger or someone who follows and comments regularly.

Rules for the award:

Accept the award with thanks.
Give your readers 5 facts about you.
Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

So here are my 5 random facts:

1. I’ve always had a love of language, and started learning Spanish at 5 years old. I supposedly speak fluent German thanks to a year living in Vienna as part of my degree (but my German is unfortunately very, very rusty from lack of use!) and have dabbled in Italian and French too. I regularly joke that my French stands me in good stead; I can’t translate a menu for my day job for love nor money, but I can recognise the subjunctive mood a mile off, thanks to my French A-Level!

2. Whilst living in Vienna, I managed to get a ticket to the premier of Bridget Jones II: The Edge of Reason (yes I am that old!). I’d only gone along to the cinema in the hope of getting a glance at one of my favourite actors, Hugh Grant (and also because I couldn’t believe that a big star like Hugh would turn up to a little premier in Austria – sorry Austrian friends!!), and ended up being given a ticket by a couple, who themselves had been given a ticket by a newspaper photographer who just wanted to get some pics of the stars on the red carpet. Because they only had one ticket and there were two of them, and I was British and would ‘get the references and jokes better’ than they would, they gave it to me!


Hugh Grant at the Bridget Jones II premier in Vienna. It makes me feel better that even Hugh is human enough to have some photo shine coming off of his nose and head!

3. I set up All Things Spliced when Mr Lighty and I were newly married as a general marriage and lifestyle blog, but didn’t really do anything about it, concentrating on my travel blog An Answer on a Postcard instead. This is why my blog now has a name with girly connotations (“sugar and spice and all things nice – that’s what little girls are made of!”) despite Baby Lighty being a boy!!

4. I have a strange love (read: addiction) to hydrangeas, and own about 10 of the plants! I can’t walk past a wilted hydrangea marked on the ‘yellow sticker’ in a supermarket or DIY store without buying it. And the fact the design of my Pink Lining change bag was called ‘hydrangea’ was enough to swing the sale for me!!

5. I’d really love to write a novel, but I just don’t feel like I have any ideas in me at the moment. Whilst I’ll quite happily write blog posts and work part time as a copywriter, I just don’t have any ideas for my first novel – yet.

So on to my nominations: both of my nominees are new mummies who have both been great supporters of my little blog. They are Azaria at Being Mrs Lynch, and Abi at Something About Baby. Do check them out, their blogs are great reads, very informative and I love reading their progress.

As the award is also about those that follow and comment regularly, I’d also like to give a little shout out and thank you to some key supporters: our friends Mr and Mrs Cookie for all of the words of support, all of the girls (‘The Duffers’!) on our lovely Facebook baby group for their encouragement and comments on my posts, Mummy Hatchy for all of the Facebook shares, and of course Mr Lighty. Not to mention Dawn at Rhyming with Wine, of course, who nominated me in the first place!

I’ve recently set up an All Things Spliced Facebook page, and have been overwhelmed by the likes and positive comments, so thank you so much for all of your support with the page and generally over the last 3 months, it’s really been a pleasure receiving all of your comments and I hope to be able to continue writing blogs that you’ll love!

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6 thoughts on “Lighty’s Loyalty and Hugh Grant: The Dragon’s Loyalty Award”

  1. Thank you very much for your very kind words. (I’ll pay you later). Looking forward to checking out your recommendations….

    Ps. Yes. Everything rhymes with wine. Unless it rhymes with vodka? Xx

    1. Hardly multilingual – my German is very, very rusty as I say, my Spanish & Italian are just GCSE level and my French is non-existent – unless it’s that bloomin’ subjunctive mood…

      1. I did A level French and German, and I erm don’t have a clue what the subjunctive mood is? Perhaps this is why I left half way through my A levels? #forgottenitall

        Italian is ver ver impressive! Kudos to you! Xx

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