How Not to Make Christmas Stockings!

If you came to this post looking for a how-to guide for making Christmas stockings, I’m afraid you’ve been sadly mistaken. Mr Lighty always says that when Mrs Lighty is attempting to use her sewing machine to make anything, all he can hear is the whirr of the machine accompanied by the occasional “Oh crap!” “Oh never mind!” from Mrs Lighty.

It was probably a slightly ambitious first sewing project, therefore, to attempt to make a Christmas stocking for Nephew Browny when it was his first Christmas a few years ago. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out too well, and I almost got into trouble for not putting his full name on the front (although, with my sewing skills, this was probably for the best all round!).

Nephew Browny’s stocking.

But, come Baby Lighty’s first Christmas, and having made a stocking for Nephew Browny, I’d set a precedent and therefore felt compelled to make one for Baby Lighty and Niece Browny. And after a few hours hunched over the machine and a curse or two later, I have produced exactly that.

Stocking 1

Filled with a goodie or two (bubble bath, small board books, a few weaning treats, a couple of small toys, some Tottenham Hotspur socks for Baby Lighty and some pretty bows from Una’s Bowtique for Niece Browny), the stockings may be pitifully rubbish, they may be a little on the small side (when will I learn to leave myself enough seam allowance?!), and I may be regretting the lack of contrast between the letters of their names and the colour of the main fabric, but I have made them with my own two hands.

Stocking fillers

And I hope that one day in the distant future, all three of the children will be able to look back and have a little smile at these stockings that were made especially for them with lots of love, and share a giggle or two at just how awful their Mummy or Auntie was at sewing.

Stockings close up

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0 thoughts on “How Not to Make Christmas Stockings!”

        1. Ha!! I’ll remember that tip!! And you need to see the stockings up close before you can ascertain whether I’m talented or not!! Thank you for reading anyway – you’ll be glad to know there’s just one more post of mine scheduled before Christmas! Xxx

    1. They will either adore them or they’ll give them a good laugh!! ? Either way I don’t really mind as long as they enjoy them!! Thanks for reading my post 🙂 #JustAnotherLinky

  1. At least you tried!! I went so lazy and bought cheap stocking and just painted their names on them. Even my husband was like, “really…that’s all you’ve got?” Hahaha. And besides, I think the stockings you made are precious! #christmascorner

    1. Well I did wonder why I’d bothered when I saw some in the poundshop with pre-cut felt letters that you just stuck on to spell out the names!! Anyway, no other children will have stockings quite like these, ha!! Thanks for reading my post via #christmascorner 🙂

  2. I love these stockings. Expecially the one that says Daisy. It is perfect for my Daisy. I think I will copy you and make one like that next Christmas. Thank you so much for the idea.

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