Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: June 2018

June: a month where it feels like my feet have barely touched the ground! June will always be a special month for us, with lots of things that we’ll always have liked and loved, because June is Baby Lighty’s birthday month. It’s a month full of birthdays and cake, hectic celebrations of not only his birthday but those of this little friends, sunshine and outdoors, and it’s a month that I love.

So what have we been up to this crazy, hectic month of June?! Here’s what we’ve liked and loved in June 2018:

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Lighty!

I can’t believe my baby turned three this month! Not so much of a baby any more, perhaps I should switch his name out to Toddler Lighty?!

Anyway…his third birthday was such a gorgeous day weather wise that we decided to get out and about. After he opened his presents, we took him to Chessington World of Adventures, and it was such a fun day! We particularly loved the Gruffalo ride, and the best bit? There were no queues! We *may* have gone on the Gruffalo ride three times, therefore…

Once home, there was just enough time for more presents from his grandparents and a visit from his cousins, and of course, CAKE!!! I think it’s safe to say that he had a lovely day!

Aaargh Me Hearties!

As well as his actual birthday, we had to revisit our madness of previous years and throw him a party of course. This year, Baby Lighty choose pirates as the theme of the party, and so we set about creating a treasure hunt for him and his little friends. Many of our guests got into the spirit of the theme and dressed up – both adults and children alike – and I think it was safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves. Baby Lighty certainly did…he hasn’t stopped talking about it and asking what sort of party he’s going to have next year!

It’s All Drama

Something which we’ve really enjoyed this month are some theatre workshops that our local theatre is running. Run by an event company, Fable and Moon, and held at Brentwood Theatre, we’ve so enjoyed the interactive storytelling sessions we’ve been to so far (Where the Wild Things Are and Little Red Riding Hood).

After the storytelling, during which the children are encouraged to get up and join in with all of the actions, there’s free play which includes dressing up in the most gorgeous dressing up outfits I’ve ever seen (I wish I was a kid again when they come out!). Then, after a short break, it’s back in to do some crafts themed around the story. I really feel like both myself and Baby Lighty have got so much out of the sessions, and I’ll be sad when I can no longer take him as he’ll be at preschool.

All the Fun of the Fayre

One of the things that I have always liked and loved about the summer months is the fact that suddenly a whole world of weekend activities open up to you! I love going to local fayres, for example, and we’ve been doing exactly that! One of our local fayres had a Punch and Judy show, which Baby Lighty found absolutely hilarious, although he couldn’t get his head around the fact that you didn’t actually win the giant duck on the Hook a Duck game!! At another be had his face painted as a pirate, and delighted in telling us that everyone on the surrounding high street thought he was a real life pirate!!

It’s funny to see how much more he is taking on board this year than last summer. He certainly doesn’t stop talking about our outings, that’s for certain!

There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo…

…unless you go to a Gruffalo themed birthday party of course! Which was exactly what we did this June! Our closest NCT friends threw the most fabulous Gruffalo themed party, which included making woodland crowns, and a walk around the Gruffalo trail at one of our local country parks. We even found the big man himself, the Gruffalo!!

All the Senses

This month, I’ve tried to do a lot more sensory play. I have to say I find it so much easier to entertain him when we can just get outside and be messy and creative!

So far we’ve made ice lollies, played ‘Dino Dig’, attempted to make giant bubbles (yeah that didn’t work!!) and, of course, had lots of paddling pool fun. I bloomin’ love the summer!

So that was June! I feel the need to apologise for the essay of a post, but we’ve just had so much that we’ve liked and loved this month. I’m hopeful that this is the start of me trying to get my spark back after the difficult few months prior to this, but we’ll see.

Hopefully I’ll be back in July with more positivity!

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