The ‘What’s in your Christmas Stocking?’ tag!

My lovely friend Annette from 3 Little Buttons has one of the most positive blogs I’ve ever come across. Her posts are always super uplifting and at the moment she’s positively shimmering with Christmas cheer! So when she recently tagged me in her new ‘What’s in your Christmas Stocking?’ tag, I was more than happy to play along! So here goes…

3 Little Buttons


1. Who’s behind the gathering of Christmas stocking treats – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas?

Definitely Mama Christmas in this household!! Sorry Mr Lighty!! But I think you’d be hard pushed to disagree with me on that one!!

2. Traditional stocking or giant sack?

Erm, both?! Mr Lighty always had a stocking growing up, whereas Mrs Lighty had a pillow case…so Baby Lighty had both!! Unfortunately for him, these have been hand stitched by me…sorry about that, Baby Lighty!!

3. Christmas stockings for everyone or only those who believe?

Only Baby Lighty has an actual stocking at the moment, but all three of us have a personalised pillow case.

4. Cheap as chips or a big festive splurge?

Baby Lighty’s stocking fillers are always cheap as chips.

5. Themed goodies or a pick-a-mix stocking of treasure?

Pick and mix, and always a little bit quirky…

6. Real orange or chocolate orange?


7. Christmas ‘stick to your teeth’ candy or Santa’s ‘special’ healthy snacks?

A little bit of unhealthy. Everything in moderation!!

8. Chocolate coins or sugared mice?

Always chocolate coins!

9. Latest trends or traditional wooden puzzles?

Mostly the latest things, but I wouldn’t be adverse to some traditional bits in Baby Lighty’s stocking.

10. Each item carefully wrapped in authentic looking wrapping paper or Santa just threw it all in?

Definitely wrapped. Not so sure about carefully!!

11. Stockings hung with care by the fireplace or end of the bed?

By the chimney breast. We still have a gaping hole where our fireplace (wood burning stove) will hopefully go one day!

12. Who fills the stocking – Mama Christmas or Father Christmas?

Again, definitely Mama Christmas!

13. Filled to the brim and overflowing or perfectly neat?

Filled to the brim…that’s what happens when you don’t allow enough seam allowance, ha!!

The stocking may have overflowed a bit on Baby Lighty’s first Christmas!!

14. What do you leave Santa – a glass of milk or something stronger for the road?

A glass of milk. And maybe a gluten free mince pie!!

Share your favourite Christmas tip of all time…

Order personalised Christmas cards with your names pre-printed inside, and also print out address labels to save you having to hand write them. Total Mum hack right there! You’re welcome!! 😉

Thanks for the tag Annette!

In turn, I’m nominating some of the bloggers from my Mummy Facebook group:

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Merry stocking stuffing ladies! xxx


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