Lessons Learnt from a First Proper Snow

Is it just me, or have we had more snow this year than we’ve had for yonks?! Mrs Lighty spent most of last week bundling a small boy up in so many layers he was practically the Michelin Man and referring to the most recent snowfall as “proper 1980s snow” (and yes, I was informed by one of my friends that the last big, big snowfall we had, that I remember from my childhood, was, in fact, 1991!).

Anyway, although Baby Lighty saw snow for the first time a year ago, I feel like it’s only been with the most recent snowfalls that he’s really been able to embrace it. Or hate it. Or both! We’ve made a snowman, we’ve been sledging and we’ve hunkered down with films and blankets a plenty.

So what have we learnt from a first proper snow? All sorts of weird and wonderful things!

  • You’ll start the week saying “a bit of snow won’t stop me!” as you trudge determinedly to baby group, just knowing that you’ll go stir crazy if you stay indoors.
  • And after two arctic expeditions snowy treks to the childminder’s, you’ll be determined never to leave the house again until the temperature is at least 35 degrees and sunny!
  • Then you’ll do a u-turn on this decision, because you’re about to go insane from having been indoors for days on end!
  • The hand-me-down sledge that once was your cousins’, then your second cousins’, and is now Baby Lighty’s, which you thought wouldn’t see an outing this winter did get to play in the snow after all.
  • You’ll get a ridiculous amount of washing dry, because: THE HEATING IS ALWAYS ON!!
  • And yes you’ll fear for your gas bill.
  • And no, you still won’t be able to find a clean toddler vest.
  • A ‘fun’ outing into the snow to go sledging and build snowmen will undoubtedly end with someone face planting the snow and crying that they want to go indoors. Possibly the toddler; and probably also you.
  • You’ll spend all week telling your toddler that he’s not making ‘flip-flops’ in the snow, but rather, ‘footprints’. However, you’ll still find his use of the word ‘flip-flops’ super cute each time he finds a new patch of snow to make a footprint.
  • You’ll suddenly find a real talent for ‘concoction’ meals. You know, where you just raid your cupboards and throw together anything that you have available which is passable for dinner? Simply because you cannot face a trip to the shops.
  • You won’t be able to get Let it Go out of your head, even though you haven’t watched it for months!
  • And actually, Disney films, blankets a plenty, sofa cuddles and snuggling up seem like a pretty good idea…

So the snow came and went. It was good fun, rather exciting and also really quite stressful – for the grown up Lightys and the Little Lighty – in equal measure.

And now? Now we’re ready for spring!!

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