How to make Painted Plant Pots for Mother’s Day!

There’s often mention on All Things Spliced about both my love of crafts and the fact that I often like to give something a little bit homemade when it comes to gifts. Last year, as Baby Lighty approached two, I really enjoyed getting him stuck into some crafts with me, especially when they could then be gifted to various members of the family. This was one of the first crafts that he attempted as a gift for others: painted plant pots for Mother’s Day!

Painted Plant Pots for Mother's Day.

An example of the finished pot, modern art style.

They’re really simple to make, and, in my own humble opinion, the finished result is both unique and quite pretty, in a modern art kinda way. Why not have a go at making your own painted plant pots this Mother’s Day? Here’s how:

You will need:
  • Terracotta pots in your choice of size.
  • Waterproof paint (we used tester pots of garden paint, although I’ve heard that acrylic paint will also work. Remember that you do need to supervise your child carefully when using such paint).
  • Paintbrushes.
  • Compost.
  • Plants of your choice.
Step 1:

We were really lucky with the weather last year, and so Baby Lighty and I set ourselves up in the garden to begin our work. I liked using the tester pots, as they have an inbuilt paintbrush inside, and I pretty much could let Baby Lighty loose with them. I turned the pot occasionally to ensure that there wasn’t just paint in one spot!!

Painted Plant Pots for Mother's Day.

Lots of concentration going into that masterpiece!!

Step 2:

Once dry, why not get your little one to help with potting them up? We’re keen gardeners and big advocates of getting Baby Lighty involved with the gardening. It’s good exercise and we also think it’s important for him to learn about nature and the outdoors. We choose tulips, and I let Baby Lighty scoop compost out of the bag with a smaller plastic pot and help put the plants in. As Baby Lighty was only 21 months at the time, it was a good exercise in helping to teach him the concept of ‘gentle’!! If we were to do something in future, I’d probably try to grow the plants from bulbs, however, as after being manhandled by a toddler, they plants did look a little bedraggled!

Step 3:


It sounds simple, but that is pretty much all there is to it. If you use a waterproof paint, there’s no need to use varnish or Modge Podge to make them steadfast; they should, in theory, withstand the British weather.

If you wanted to as a parent, or if you have slightly older children, you could use a waterproof marker to draw shapes such as butterflies or flowers onto your child’s splodges masterpiece, but personally I quite like the modern art look that Baby Lighty has gone for here!!

Painted Plant Pots for Mother's Day.

The finished articles!

What homemade gifts have you made for Mother’s Day either this year or in the past? I’d love some more ideas for the coming years!

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  1. I love this idea! So much more thoughtful than a bunch of flowers I think. Although you know my talents at gardening… I’d end up with another buddleia in an egg cup haha. Thanks for linking up lovely xx #DreamTeam x

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