Two Point Five

So here we are. Two point five years in! How on earth did my little tiny baby suddenly become a two and a half year old?! It’s a complete and utter cliché of course, but the time has flown past. And, my baby boy, you show more and more of who you are going to become every day.

When I look back over the past six months, since you turned two, the biggest thing to have changed at two point five is the fact that I can see your personality so clearly now. I know I’m biased, because I’m your Mum, but your speech is incredible. You no longer babble at all, one of the last vestiges of babyhood, but speak in full sentences. And you’re a great little communicator too: if you don’t know the word, you’ll happily try to explain using synonyms and adjectives (my personal favourite of late is eyebrows, which you innovatively called ‘glasses hair’!).

Two point five means that you surprise us by using words in context that we didn’t even know that you knew. I love it when you do this, and Mr Lighty often share a little raised ‘glasses hair’ over the words you come out with! Crumbs, sharp, body, mermaid, delicious, salad and jingle bells have been ones you’ve surprised us with recently! You definitely know more than we think you know. Daddy and I have to watch what we say around you nowadays!

Two point five means you’re as bright as a button. And, yes, I know I’m biased! But, if we tell you something once, it’s firmly lodged in your lovely little mind for good. We’ve been having fun these past couple of months, teaching you about the various festivities of Autumn and Winter. Halloween baking and pumpkin carving, fireworks displays, and, of course, all the fun of Christmas still to come. It’s great to see your memory developing. Just this morning you told our snowman decoration in the living room (which is nearly as big as you!) that you’d made it snow with your magic wand when we recently went to visit Father Christmas, and a polar bear appeared! It’s little details that you remember like that that surprise us!

Your imagination at two point five has also taken flight. I love how you can take an empty box and pretend it’s a camera, often echoing me when you turn to show me the ‘photo’ you’ve taken and proclaim, “that looks good!”. Or maybe we’re not using props, and relying solely on our imaginations. The other night you had me pretending that we were swimming, complete with imaginary arm bands and goggles! Playing shops is a favourite at the moment. I especially loved the ‘balloon seller’ game the other day, where you would wearily exclaim “Come on, get another one!” and beckon me over when my imaginary balloon would pop!

You love to sing and dance still at two point five, and The Wiggles are still firm favourites. But you’ve also started to make up your own songs now. I was recently treated to a rendition of “Where is Daddy? Yeah, yeah, yeah! I see Nanny, I see Grandad, where has Daddy gone?” as we walked to the childminder’s. You definitely take after your Great Grandad Kersey for that! And yet in so many ways, I can see your Great Grandad Hatchy in your mannerisms more than I can see anyone else in the family. I love seeing these family similarities live on in you.

At two point five, you are definitely, definitely strong willed! Unfortunately for you, you get that from both Mr and Mrs Lighty!! A double dose, which sometimes leaves us sighing in frustration, I won’t lie. Two point five means a deginite cheekiness!! But there are also so many occasions when Daddy and I need to tell you off, and yet we’re struggling not to laugh at how cheeky you’re being!

Speaking of laughing, you make me laugh every. single. day. I know I’m not always the best Mum, and there is many a time of late when you’re not seeing me as you should, but I’m so grateful for your cuddles and your love and your laughter. Your little face brightens mine every single day. And I know I tell you every day how much I love you, often fifteen times plus while you’re sitting on my lap enjoying cuddles and CBeeBies, but I can never really tell you enough.

So on those days when I’m not the best Mummy, I apologise. But two point five years in, I love you so, so, so very much little boy!

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6 thoughts on “Two Point Five”

  1. Ah reading this kinda made me feel sad that stage two point five has passed us by forever more! It certainly is a chapter of change and the communication element is an amazing part of it. Looking at your pictures made me realise how we have seen baby Lighty grow – not such a baby any more!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #coolmumclub

  2. Aww Nic, this was unexpectedly very touching. Your love for Baby Lightly flies off the page and you’ve captured him so well. He is very lucky to have such a wonderful mum as you. It felt so bitter sweet when the baby babble disappeared with Little Button, but isn’t it fun hearing all the new words and phrases that they suddenly just know. #DreamTeam xx

  3. Oh Nic you are a wonderful mum! Little L is growing up to be such a gorgeous boy and you should be so proud. I love “glasses hair”, and just can’t believe how quickly he’s growing up. I remember your 9 months out post like it was yesterday. Dx Popping by via #DreamTeam this time lovely ???.

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