Pre-Preschool Wishlist

If I’ve ever buried my head in the sand about anything, it was Baby Lighty starting preschool. I knew I’d have to sort out what I was doing eventually, but my head was so fuzzy with all of the things I needed to do, that I kept putting it off.

And putting it off.

And putting if off some more.

Until one day, we went to see a preschool which we loved, and signed Baby Lighty up for two days, starting September. Coupled with the two days that Baby Lighty is already with our childminder, this means that I’ll be working more…and my baby boy will be away from me for four days of the week. But the latter didn’t really dawn on me, until I realised just how much I wanted to do with him before I lost him to preschool, and then school after that.

So, with this in mind, I thought I’d write down some of the things that I’m really hoping I’ll get to achieve and experience with him over the summer, before he starts preschool.

1. Dino Dig

Freezing some small plastic dinosaurs in a block of ice, and getting Baby Lighty to free them using his toy tools!

2. Ice cream playdough

Homemade ‘ice cream’ playdough, which is totally edible! Set up with sprinkles, cones and ice cream scoops to create an ice cream shop.

3. Giant bubbles

Making giant bubbles in a tuff spot with a hula hoop – I need to find a recipe if anyone has one that works – we’ve failed tried once already!!

4. More theatre events

We had such a fabulous time at the theatre workshops run by our local theatre recently that we definitely want to go back for more. I feel like Baby Lighy gets a lot out of the theatre, so I definitely want to do more events and shows like this.

5. Gruffalo Crumble

Inspired by one of Baby Lighty’s little friend’s birthday parties, I want to have a go at this Gruffalo inspired tray bake!

6. Disneyland scrapbook

This is something that I’ve been meaning to do since our last Disney trip, oops!! I really need to get round to printing some of our Disneyland photos and creating a scrapbook with them.

7. Nature prints

Collecting leaves and flowers from around the garden and then using them to create nature inspired prints with.

8. Ice cube fishing

Freezing reusable ice cubes for fishing out of the paddling school. Great for improving fine motor skills and also for counting practice!

9. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Baby Lighty got a camera for his birthday, and I thought we could use it to visit our local park and get him to find items I’d preprinted on a scavenger hunt list.

10. Homemade Slime!

This is one that Baby Lighty actually requested (and I’m slightly dreading!!). We’ll see if this makes it onto the actual list by the time preschool comes round!!

So that’s our preschool wishlist so far. I’m sure there will be more things added before September rolls around, and I hope we can get through lots of these activities! What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear if you have any activities which we could try together before our Mummy-Baby Lighty time is shortened!

Happy rest-of-the-summer all!

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