Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: October 2017

September and October are always birthday season at Lighty HQ. Both Mr and Mrs Lighty celebrate birthdays early in October, and then it’s the turn of Mummy Hatchy and Mother-in-Law Lighty later on in the month. Which is why October’s Liked and Loved is full of birthday celebrations this time around! Aside from birthdays, we’ve had a lovely month doing lots of seasonal things, and enjoying the Autumn. Here’s what we’ve liked and loved in October:

BritMums Live 2017

Ok, so this is a little bit of a cheat, as #BML17 actually happened in September. But as it was the 30th September, it was too late to include in last month’s round up. This was my first blogging conference, and I had a really fantastic day! Meeting up with blogging friends who I’ve spoken to almost every day for two years but was yet to meet in real life, learning lots that I can apply to the blog, and enjoying the atmosphere and the lovely food. There’s a full round up of the day and my lessons learnt here.

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

Finally meeting the lovely Dawn from Rhyming with Wine!

Happy Birthday to Us…

Both Mr Lighty and I celebrate our birthdays at the start of October, just three days apart (which is excellent if we’re celebrating a big birthday and can have a joint party!!). This year was pretty low key, however. My birthday was a Tuesday, which is always my ‘nothing’ day. Baby Lighty and I just took a trip to the park, and then we went round to Mummy and Daddy Hatchy’s for dinner that night.

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

Happy birthday to me!

Mr Lighty had better luck in that his birthday was a Friday, but we still kept it low key, ordering an Indian takeaway for us all to enjoy that evening!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

Happy birthday to Mr Lighty!

Having said that, we went out for curry and drinks with our friends later on in the month, and celebrated with one of Baby Lighty’s Godparents, who also has an October birthday! Turning 34 wasn’t all bad therefore, especially as our littlest Lighty was definitely more excited about our birthdays than we were!!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

Curry night!

Pumpkin Pickin’

We’re not really big on Halloween, it has to be said. Mother-in-Law Lighty’s birthday actually falls on Halloween, so if we’re going to do anything, it’s usually a birthday celebration. But this year, Baby Lighty has been much more aware of special events, and even the changing of the seasons. We therefore thought we’d give pumpkin picking a try, and went to our local pumpkin patch.

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

My little pumpkin!

We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was actually a lot of fun! The field had hundreds of pumpkins in, and as we went during this October’s mini heatwave (which was definitely something that Mrs Lighty liked and loved!), it was a beautifully warm day, perfect weather therefore for wandering around in the field choosing our pumpkins. There was also row upon row of sweetcorn, which made for some fun exploring.

It warmed my heart to see that Baby Lighty wanted to choose the odd looking pumpkins, mostly because this is the sort of thing Mrs Lighty would do. Eventually, we managed to persuade him towards two more regular looking pumpkins. He did, however, manage to persuade us to buy a tiny pumpkin too! I didn’t mind too much as it was rather cute…

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

“Can we have all the pumpkins?”

Getting our Craft on!

All of this pumpkin picking did mean that we had to actually do something with them, of course. We’ve been getting our craft on quite a bit this month therefore. We used one pumpkin from our outing to make pumpkin muffins with (also known as The Great Pumpkin Massacre), and of course on top of this we carved one in the traditional fashion. The little one just has a candle perched on top as I write this!!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

Baby Lighty’s first pumpkin carving!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

I think he enjoyed it!!

We’ve also been getting ahead with our Christmas crafts this month too, and tried our hand at salt dough. All went well, until I read the recipe wrong and put too much water in! I’m sure there will be more on this in the coming months, however!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

A spot of salt dough!

A Special 60th

As well as the birthdays already mentioned, we also celebrated a special 60th birthday this month: that of Mummy Hatchy (I told you it was birthday season at Lighty HQ!). Because she went off to New York the day after her birthday, she kept her celebrations here low key, but we did go out for a meal with her girlfriends on the Friday before her birthday, which proved to be a case for lots of laughs!

Mrs Lighty's Liked and Loved: October 2017

The birthday girl!

So that pretty much sums up October! Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what we’ve liked and loved over the next few months! See you in November!

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  1. Meeting you at #BML has to be one of my all time highlights of this year Nic. We have literally “chatted” every day for 2 years now and I know you so well that I was able to recognise you by the back of your head in a crowded room haha. I love that you have so many things to celebrate in October and Little Lighty’s pumpkin adventures look amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us at #DreamTeam our lovely fellow co-host. xx

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