Happy Little Buttons – January 2017

Hello my Happy Little Buttons, and welcome to the first proper round up of our Instagram community! I say first proper round up as we have, technically, already had a round up this year because something called Christmas got in the way and knocked us off kilter. But now we’re back proper, and we’re back with a bang!

Yes I know, I said so myself in my December-slash-sort-of-January round up that January is always a bleak month with not much to look forward to. Well, I think January heard me say this and therefore decided that 2017 would come sliding into the world with a bang! Not only is this little community that I share with Dawn of Rhyming with Wine and Annette of 3 Little Buttons fast approaching the 5,000 linked post mark, but we’ve also had a trip to Holland! We’ve had snow! We’ve even had a TV appearance here at Lighty HQ! I can’t ask for much more excitement than that now, can I?!

Happy Little Buttons - January 2017.

We’ve even had a TV appearance so far this January here at Lighty HQ!

And even if you haven’t had a confetti throwing, party popper type of 2017 so far, I hope you’ve at least had some of those great, little moments which, actually, shine just as bright – if not brighter sometimes – than the big moments.

Which leads me onto my theme for this month: those little moments which fizzle and pop just as much as those big moments. It’s a catchy title!!

Happy Little Buttons – January 2017 

For me, one of the greatest moments of fun so far this year was Baby Lighty’s first experience of snow. It literally only snowed for about 24 hours, so us Lightys took complete leave of our senses and ran out into the snow before dinner that evening. Baby Lighty was super excited, although he did seem to think that they were very cold bubbles falling from the sky, shouting “Pop, pop, pop!” as he reached out for the snowflakes!

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!” Dr Seuss #happylittlebuttons

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And from icy weather to ice creams, I’ve gone for this moment from my cohost Annette of @3LittleButtonsBlog. It’s never too cold for ice cream!

And it’s never too cold for adventure, either, as Dawn of @rhymingwithwine proves with this shot of her tots at Whitby Abbey.

And what little moments have I chosen from our #HappyLittleButtons community? Well, they are as follows:

Happy Little Buttons - January 2017.

Happy Little Buttons – January 2017.

This one from @babyandbard. Who can resist snow and a bobble hat?! Snow memories always stay with a child, I think, and so I love these little snowy moments.


Then there’s this one from @2boys1mum. Snow’s got to be better than rain, but if it’s going to rain, then why not do it in style with a jazzy brolly and a smile on your face?!


I’ve also chosen this one from @kiwiandsprouts. What a fabulous birthday cake! This is one little moment that’s definitely going with a bang!

And last but definitely not least, I’ve gone for this one from @sprogonthetyne (isn’t that just one of the best names you’ve ever heard of for a blog?! Every time I see it I think how much I love it!! Anyway, I digress…). At 19 months, Baby Lighty is already drawn to any puddles he comes across, and I can totally imagine him loving doing this when he’s a bit bigger!

So those are my little moments for this month. I hope that 2017 is filled with all of these precious moments, plus maybe a few big ones thrown in for good measure, for all of us. Happy 2017, and Happy Little Buttons to all of you!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Little Buttons – January 2017”

  1. Love love love your faves! I think January does need a bit more fizzle and pop in my opinion so these are just perfect. Ooh and I hope you don’t mind but I might just need to pinch your disclaimer to add to my #happylittlebuttons post too! Thanks for your lovely words about my post and for being such a lovely co-host. (And for warning me about my breaking of the twitter incident – #standard hahahah). xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn! I love, love, love your theme for this month and your faves! I told Caroline of Sprog on the Tyne that we were fighting over the puddle jumping photo, haha!! Go ahead and pinch the disclaimer, you know me, always a worrier! Onwards and upwards to February!! xxx

    1. Ah thank you lovely Annette! I’m looking forward to your round up, but the main thing is that you get better first! xxx

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