Mrs Lighty’s Liked and Loved: January 2018

January. It’s never the most exciting month of the year, is it?! And I do fear, dear reader, that this may not be the longest of blog posts, for that very reason (lucky you!!). But can you believe it, January is now over and I must admit that Mrs Lighty is ready to jump with two wellie-clad feet into all that spring has to offer! I’m the first to admit that I suffer massively from the January blues in the aftermath of Christmas and New Year (especially a New Year in Disneyland!), but we’ve done a few little things this year that we’ve liked and loved to make this first bleak month a little happier.

Birthday Brother

I always feel sorry for my Brother Hatchy, as he has a January birthday. And not just any January birthday, but almost straight after New Year, too. Everyone’s skint, lots of people are doing dry January, and it’s hard to want to go out when the days are cold and dark. So it’s nice when we do all manage to make an effort for him. His 30th birthday party (which, randomly, was 60s themed!) a few years ago was a little bit legendary, and this year all of the family got together for drinks in our local, together with some of his friends.

Family outing!

I know, unheard of right, a babysitting pass so soon after all the Christmas festivities?! Our first grown up outing of the year, and lovely it was too!

Bowling Champ

So as to give us a few more things to have liked and loved this January, we deliberately planned a few outings to look forward to. One of these outings was Baby Lighty’s first time bowling. He only went and won the entire game, beating Mr and Mrs Lighty, and our friends that came with us! We were completely chuffed for him, but he was smoothly nonchalant!!

Bowling champ!

Zoo Days

Our local Zoo knows that us parents feel the January pinch blues. As such, they offer entrance for £10 per adult during January, and this is the second year running that we’ve taken them up on this offer. The weather was beautiful on the day of our visit, which helped lift our spirits massively, and Baby Lighty took in so much more than he has done on our previous two visits. Highlights included feeding the giraffes, elephants and rainbow parakeets, and Baby Lighty was also rather keen on the flamingoes, or ‘mingoes’ as he calls them!

A day at the zoo!

So January, the first month of the year, is done. I told you this would be a short post, and I didn’t disappoint!! Hopefully I’ll be back with a few more adventures and more of what we’ve liked and loved over the coming months, but in the meantime, here’s to the rest of the new year!

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